Zhiguli Mountains – artificial origin?

Zhiguli, MountainsScientists from Samara non-governmental research organization “Avesta” was about 3 x 10-s years of study anomalous phenomena that often occur in the vicinity of the Zhiguli Mountains. Explaining to those phenomena, surprisingly, the researchers regularly find in the … local folklore.
Samara Luka – sharp bend in the middle reaches of the Volga. Snapshot of the cosmos. Why did the river make a big detour and millions of years of skirted this small mountain range?
How the Samarskaya Luka
Scientists “Avesta” have now been collected strong evidence for the original hypothesis, whose essence is as follows. Sharp bend, which is located in the middle reaches of the Volga and the Samara Luka called, owes its origins … the engineering of extraterrestrial intelligence. Continue reading “Zhiguli Mountains – artificial origin?”