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Belarus has shaped an elixir of youth

elixir of youthGroup of Scientists at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus created an elixir of youth – a drug that slows the aging process, according to news reports. The discovery was made in collaboration with U.S.scientists.

They managed to create an elixir of eternal youth, a substance that would slow down the aging of cells. To do this, stop the free radicals that destroy the DNA molecule. Scientists have noticed that the polyunsaturated fatty acids are transferred free radicals. They have decided to step acid by replacing the hydrogen atoms in a harmless isotope deuterium.
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Eternal Youth

Eternal, YouthRejuvenating apples, boiling pots, plunged in that you can become a handsome young (can be true, and boil to death); cherished bottle dead and the living water that can breathe life into the fallen hero … This is our fable. But in the epic and folklore of any country reflects the sample of people attain immortality. Almost all come down to us from ancient times, unlike the fairy tale and has all the marks of historical chronicles.

Thus, the recorded facts, which, in different epochs, in different places of the Earth, spontaneously or through a special secret techniques, the Chinese Taoist monks or hermits lived in India from more than a hundred years to four or more. Our elderly countryman, who applied at the beginning of XX century in the Tomsk hospital, presented quite authentic documents, of which, as in his stories, it followed that he was more than two hundred years.
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