Can people live without food and water?

YogiScientists examined several cases of people who claim that they do not eat or drink for many years, remain quite healthy. Nevertheless, scientific researches, checking these statements remain controversial. It is believed that a person can only survive a few days without water and not more than 30-40 days without food.

In the Buddhist tradition, there is a belief that those who leave the company with a view to improving and meditation in the mountains, can live without food for much longer. Their bodies, as they say, are in a different state.

And because the need for food can prevent them to concentrate on long-term meditation, they are a kind of supernatural way can overcome this need.In 2005 a young Nepalese Buddhist, Ram Bahadur Bomjan reportedly meditated for eight months without food and water. Continue reading “Can people live without food and water?”

The meditations are the ability to change the genome

YogaInternational group of scientists for the first time were able to identify the biological mechanism underlying the therapeutic effect of deep meditation. The researchers found that as a result of all eight hours of meditation in the body are the specific changes at the genetic and molecular level. The work is published in the journal Psychoneurosis. Authors-specialists from the University of Wisconsin (United States), the Institute of biomedical research (Barcelona, Spain) and the Center for neurological Research Institute (Lyon, France), studied the effect of a day out in clear mind meditation on a group of 19 experienced mediators. Continue reading “The meditations are the ability to change the genome”