The World’s Oldest Picture Frame

Oldest Picture FrameWe might think that displaying framed artwork around our homes and workplaces is a relatively modern notion, but it is, in fact, a process which stretches back thousands of years. Archaeologists working in Egypt discovered an early picture frame dating to the second century AD, making it almost 2,000.

Within this wooden frame, uncovered in Hawara, a portrait was found to still be visible showing a fayum mummy. Historians and archaeologists believe that it is possible these portraits were displayed in the homes of prominent individuals, then moved into their funeral spaces after death alongside other possessions and treasures. In this way, portraits and their frames were a display of wealth and status.

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World’s largest solar plant

solar plantSolar City which is owned by American billionaire Elon Musk, bought manufacturer of inexpensive but high-performance solar cells Silevo. The deal promise Solar City serious revision of prices for solar panels due to the huge economy of scale, said in a statement on the official website of the company.

Solar City has initiated talks with the government of New York State on the construction of the first production facilities. According to Solar City, negotiations began to purchase Silevo. In the next few years with the help of solar power company expects to receive more than 1 GW of energy, making it one of the largest energy producers in the world. Continue reading “World’s largest solar plant”

Scientists presented the world’s first vaccine against smoking

smoking vaccineScientists have presented to the world a vaccine that can overcome nicotine addiction completely. The innovative tool is designed to nano- research laboratory in Khimki. Now the drug passes Phase II trials, which is determined by its effectiveness and clinical significance . Safety tests have been successful, the researchers are confident that the new vaccine can not cause harm to the body . New drug helps produce specific antibodies that prevent nicotine enters the cells of the cerebral cortex . Continue reading “Scientists presented the world’s first vaccine against smoking”

The world’s most mysterious manuscript

The manuscript resembles herbal manuscripts of the time period, seeming to present illustrations and information about plants and their possible uses for medicinal purposes. However, most of the plants do not match known species, and the manuscript’s script and language remain unknown and unreadable. What secret lies within and who wrote them and why? Find out more in the documentary attached below.
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Missing disappear in parallel worlds?

worldColenso statistics, every year in Russia lost tens of thousands of people. Some of them are. Some, alas, dead. Others – in hospitals. Third – from friends, friends or a bum on the streets of big cities. However, significant parts of the “poteryashek” get the definition of “missing.”

Specialists are more inclined to the conclusion that the world around us multi-layered like a cake, and “poteryashki” happen to be in parallel worlds. And can not get out.
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On Earth at the same time there are two worlds

worldsThe world in which we live and which alone. But there is another world, hidden in the depths of the earth. About him we know mostly from fairy tales and legends. But sometimes the line between them suddenly collapses. And then on the surface splash strange creatures, strange, unpredictable. Luckily for the residents of our, the surface, the world, a connection between the two worlds are very rare.

One of the places that connect the aerial and underground worlds, is in Russia. It is famous among UFO Devil glade, lurking in the taiga forests of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.
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10 World’s most beautiful castles

Beautiful castles were built as a fort or dwelling of the noble or monarch of the day, but do not know that the first castles were built of wood?. From there, did much, besides serving as housing, as a site to monitor the perimeter around him from any of its towers. These are the most beautiful castles there around the world-

10. Mount Saint-Michel. The spectacular castlearchitecture of Mont Saint-Michel are the busiest tourist site in Normandy and one of the first in France, with 3,200,000 visitors each year. A statue of St. Michael placed at the top of the abbey church stands 170 meters above the shore.
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World’s famous and most beautiful oasis

oasisQasis is a small spring in the middle of a desert. Usually, the oasis is surrounded by a small town who use it for your needs, although many of these oases dry up and disappear over the years.

On the other hand, who does not remember as a child seen in the drawings as or more beautiful oasis that these, and they were only a mirage? Surely these characters would have liked to be truth in some of the most beautiful oasis in the world:
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10 world’s most fastest smartphones

smartphonesThe electronic market for a smartphone, which have fast processors, are resistant to water and take several photos in seconds
The evolution of mobile phones has been by leaps and bounds, just going to imagine 10 years ago, that market many alternatives exist and that they not only offer the option of entering into a telephone, but we could even have internet access , email and a host of utilities with thousands of applications that exist in electronic stores.

So many features in a portable device requires the best technology to provide users with adequate response capacity each time it activates any application or feature of your mobile phone.
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The world’s smallest man

smallest manThe Guinness World Records experts will travel to a valley in southeastern Nepal to measure the height of a man 72 years old, who claims to be the youngest man in the world.

It is called Chandra Bahadur Dangi, and issued a news conference that mostrço on television in this country said that measures just 56 centimeters and weighs 12 kilos.