How to optimize photos and drive traffic from image search

Visual content attracts the attention of users to publications, allows you to transfer information faster and increases the readability of materials. In addition, it serves as an additional source of organic search traffic.
In order to attract visitors from image search, a marketer must optimize photos and page elements. These actions not only generate traffic, but also increase the speed of loading the site and improve usability.
Size matters
Programmers try to create the most functional applications using the minimum amount of code. Designers achieve the visual attractiveness of the site without overloading it with unnecessary graphic elements. Using photographs to visualize publications and attract traffic, a marketer should use the smallest possible size of images without compromising on the quality of perception.
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How the 90s Hit Women

I remember how in the 90s, when I was a child, my husband left my neighbor with three children. There was some indecent love story, a rival caught him with a bottle of wine, seduced him, wrapped him up, and he went into the sunset. As a result, a woman who never worked with two young children and one teenager was forced to somehow get out.

She adapted to sew, and therefore survived. To all whom she met, she offered her services. We ordered her a dress or skirt. Continue reading “How the 90s Hit Women”

World heritage Museum Island!

One of the highlights of sightseeing in Berlin is the museum island, a World Heritage site. In the north half of the Nakasu on the River Spree across Berlin, the Pergamonmuseum (Neues Museum), the Bode museum (Bode museum), the former National Gallery (Alte Nationalgalarie) and the old museum (Altes Museum) It is literally a “museum island” where things and museums gather.

 Pergamum Museum of Art

The Pergamum Museum is overwhelmed by the display of huge ruins. There is spectacular enough to want to spend a whole day here!

Many museums with spectacular views that are not enough in a day if you want to go all around. If you are particularly interested in history and culture, the Pergamum Museum alone may spend the entire day.

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Rocks are always Trembling: a Tower-Shaped Strange Rock in the US

Huge sandstone steeple castleton tower in utah. Researchers at the University of Utah measured the vibration characteristics in detail for the first time. The resonance frequency of the tower found in the survey is an important key to predicting the rock’s response to disturbances such as earthquakes.

Castleton tower, a columnar rock towering in utah. The vibration characteristics of this sandstone layer were first measured in detail by utah experts using seismological techniques. Continue reading “Rocks are always Trembling: a Tower-Shaped Strange Rock in the US”

A programmer steals more than $ 10 million from Microsoft

Mountains are losing snowUkrainian citizen Vladimir Kasha stole more than $ 10 million from Microsoft, according to the materials in the criminal case. At 25, the young man led a luxury lifestyle, with cars and mansions between his properties.

Vladimir Kasha worked for Microsoft in the US, first as a contract employee, and from 2016 to 2018 as part of the company’s staff. He worked as a tester for the company’s online store, for which he had the ability to create real transactions with non-existent credit cards. Continue reading “A programmer steals more than $ 10 million from Microsoft”

Characteristics vampires

incredible archaeologicalMany people in many different countries – and in Hungary and China – are confident in the reality of the existence of vampires. However, the characteristics of these at different locations are different.

It is generally accepted that many vampires can fly, or change the shape of his body. Most vampires are usually blamed for that, they attack animals and people and eagerly drink their blood. In some countries believe that the vampire – that ethereal ghost. In the other – that is corpse sinful soul who had to return to his body, unable to find peace after death.
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King Solomon

Legends say that King Solomon, renowned for its propensity for witchcraft, had a very powerful amulet. In the legends he is called Solomon’s seal, this was an amulet that gave power over demons. With this printing Solomon elicited a demon name of the angel, whom he feared, and then ordered the demon to hang the gates of the temple. From the legend that the primary was still very amulet, and the inscriptions on it – are secondary. On amulets, appeared later and like Solomon print depicting demons, against which acted amulet or himself Solomon. Besides images, the amulet could contain so-called sacred writings – the names of the angels, or spells, which mentioned the names. And most importantly, that contained Solomon’s seal – this image of defeat and the death of an evil spirit or demon. For example, on the amulet could be portrayed Solomon on horseback, striking his sword demon in disguise zmei. Continue reading “King Solomon”

Michel Nostradamus – Predictor of nuclear nightmare

The most notable person, up to kings, considered it an honor to chat and make friends with Michel Nostradamus. It was called “God’s chosen prophet.” And it really is not an exaggeration. For his contemporaries and descendants Nostradamus was and remains a mysterious figure, a magician, for which, it seemed, there was no boundaries of time and space.

Michelle was born in 1503 in the French town of San Remy. His father, a notary, a baptized Jew. Most relatives of Nostradamus differed a great scholar, and one of the grandfathers, the doctor, was an advisor of King. Continue reading “Michel Nostradamus – Predictor of nuclear nightmare”

They believed the ancient people

As a result, any natural phenomenon or a natural disaster early human logically connected with the person. The night sky, the stars, the rustle of leaves, the sound of the sea, rustling – all this our ancestors saw fantastic images, fueled by creative imagination. Trying to ward off “evil spirits” living in each stone, tree, plant, they have built a defense. These assistants, custodians are amulets and talismans.
Thus, the ancient magic is based on the law of universal ownership and affinity: in the human world is interconnected with everything, and the world, in turn, is connected with a man as man is related to his race. No wonder the most ancient myths describe the origins of the world of human body parts, or, as the ancient Scandinavians, giant. Continue reading “They believed the ancient people”

Neil Armstrong has died!

The first human being ever to set foot on another world, Neil Armstrong, has died aged 82.

On July 20th 1969 as Commander of Apollo 11, Armstrong emerged from the lunar lander and said “that’s one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind.” His words would go on to become one of the most recognizable phrases ever spoken, a testament to the courage of he and fellow astronaut Buzz Aldrin as they stepped in to the unknown. Continue reading “Neil Armstrong has died!”