We live in holographic world created aliens

alienWho says that NASA is not open-minded and responsive to modern realities and ideas of scientists, who, of course, wrong. Many experts NASA revealed quite a lot of flexibility, and even allow for the possibility that humanity lives in a hologram created by members of an alien civilization.How can I apply to the idea that all ever created by mankind is the product of a kind of advanced computer program?

What is our relationship, feelings, memories – everything is generated by supercomputers?For the first time this intriguing theory was proposed by a professor of the Faculty of Philosophy at Oxford University, Nick Bostrom, who in 2005 was appointed director of the Oxford Institute created in the future of humanity. Continue reading “We live in holographic world created aliens”

How do animals know the world?

animalsIf people are to differentiate odors use their nostrils, which are chemo receptors  the deprived noses octopus, butterflies and other animals found other, often bizarre, ways to perceive the aromas and flavors of the world.

1. Toothbrush for the nose

For example, the whole body of the Oregon shore crab did not find anything that would resemble the nose. However, this does not mean that these arthropods devoid of smell. Crabs are used to distinguish the smell of hair next to the oral cavity, which looks like a toothbrush. Continue reading “How do animals know the world?”

The most famous seer of the world

When I say psychic, I mean a person who can see the future, but not as those who claim to be now, and go through the TV channels, Vanga is probably one of the phenomena of the past century. He succeeded the fall of the communist bloc, the 11-S or the tragedy of the Kursk submarine, among others.

He was born January 31, 1911 in Strumica family Surchev Pando, his mother died when Vanga is a little girl and her father has to go to fight in the First World War. Over the years those who care were their neighbors. In his childhood Vanga was a normal girl who nobody thought would end up advising kings and communist leaders. Continue reading “The most famous seer of the world”

The world should not have known about it

WorldThe Central Intelligence Agency CIA and the United States concerning the elimination of President John F. Kennedy, November 22, 1963 in Dallas. Possibly in kilograms dossier hidden authentic mechanism of this political assassination, and perhaps they just support the version of the lone assassin.

But that’s why for almost 50 years to hide under security cataloging information if it only confirms the official edition of events? So what exactly hide these documents: clumsy work of detectives and … involvement in the kill of the state? Perhaps the world will know about it in 2017, when the said documents should be declassified. However, it is also possible that the CIA will extend their privacy. Such a right he has.  Continue reading “The world should not have known about it”

Some ancient Egyptian inventions that distorted the world

Egyptian inventionsCivilization of Ancient Egypt affects its researchers developed compared with the rest of the time. In addition to the impressive historical and artistic value and practical value exists Egyptian knowledge:

technology, open in this ancient kingdom are not forgotten for centuries. Many of them are used by our contemporaries, not even aware that they owe their comfort centuries-old heritage. Continue reading “Some ancient Egyptian inventions that distorted the world”

Surveyor’s world

SurveyorsTo create accurate maps essential ship capable of long to explore the countryside, a chronometer to determine the coordinates, as well as mathematics and cartographers for processing the information received.

Meanwhile, there are ancient maps drawn BC, which are not inferior to modern precision, while on research vessels believes the official story was not the question, and the same chronometer was invented by British clock maker John Harrison only in 1761. What is used by ancient cartographers? Surely at their disposal were sturdy ships and no less accurate, and if you consider the fact that sometimes even surpassed their cards on the reliability of modern analogues. Continue reading “Surveyor’s world”

Most terrible monsters of world religions

 monstersGod not only is ladybugs, but fear and retribution. Every religion teaches its followers righteous life through stories about the victories of kindness, love and blessing. If good parables do not help, there will always be a terrible, horrible monster, ready to set the stubborn sinner bashing.

In various religions, the add monsters name differently. So here’s a list of the most horrible monsters religious paying heed to your actions and just waiting for a chance to pay you a visit. Continue reading “Most terrible monsters of world religions”

The world teeters on the brink of destruction of everything at any time

destruction brinkUltra-precise measurement of the top quark mass revived the old question: why is it so big? Alas, the answer is, in fact, no, but in the meantime we ask ourselves this: what are the consequences that the top quark is so heavy?

Mass of the top quark is 173,1 ± 1,3 GeV / c ². In other words, it weighs almost as a nucleus of an atom of a heavy element – for example, rhenium. It has always been a serious theoretical problem: for an elementary particle is a lot, so that in any frame does not fit, and if this is the top quark existed not sextillion of a second, and longer, he would poison our lives to such an extent that no life could and did not appear. However, the current relatively stable existence cannot be endless … Continue reading “The world teeters on the brink of destruction of everything at any time”

Changing the world model

worldThe world system based on principles of conventional pyramid centered at the top, where everything is controlled, distributed and managed.

And this principle can be seen in everything, economy, law, politics and psychology. Implemented throughout the pyramidal structure. Well, until then sunk already clearly visible, the old model of society just stopped working, the system loses its stability. Need to look at the problem more broadly, I think, in the foundation of the system was originally laid defect. Continue reading “Changing the world model”

Some evidence that we know too little about the world

About our earthThe difference between clever and learned that the nerd always says that he knows a lot, and usually scientist claims that he knows nothing. Ask an expert in any field, and he confirmed that in his case much less things that he knows what things he does not know.

Mankind is always willing to learn as much as possible of the new, which is why in the world there is a science that helps us to gradually learn all the secrets of the world. However, not all of us today is clear. Here are some examples: Continue reading “Some evidence that we know too little about the world”