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Ten Space facts with the words of the astronauts


spaceAlmost all the astronauts arriving in outer space experience, the so-called “space sickness.”  This discomfort due to the fact that the inner ear gets distorted signals.  Disease expressed headache and nausea.

2.  In zero gravity fluid in the body is moved upward, this causes nasal blockage.  Persons become somewhat puffy.  The bones lose calcium intensively.  Is slowing down the functioning of the intestine. Read the rest of this entry »

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French scientists have learned to recognize words baboons

The scientific journal Science published an article by French scientists, in which they were told about the experiments, the set of baboons. It turns out that monkeys can learn to read, or at least to distinguish real words from simple combinations of letters. In the experiment, six baboons were placed in cages, where they were installed computers with touch screens. From time to time appear on the screen, or actual words of four letters or meaningless letter combinations. Baboons were to decide to call them or not, and press either the green oval, or a blue cross. A correct answer received a promotion to the primacy of a dry wheat, otherwise the screen for a while became green.
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