Stone wonders of the Valley of Ghosts

StoneSecrets of the Stone Wonders Valley of Ghosts Demerji opened Nicholas Blaga, assistant professor of geography and morphology of the Tauride National University. Many tourists believe that the stone pillars that are in the Valley of Ghosts, appeared in the process of weathering, as this is constantly reported in the regional literature.

Scientists claim that the stone buildings appeared in the tectonic fractures. Nicholas Blaga within 4 years of conducting research in this zone, and the specialist said that the stone pillars were lined up clear parallel lines, like walls. Under the influence of climatic processes tectonic fissures deepened and expanded. Continue reading “Stone wonders of the Valley of Ghosts”

Most Wonders of the USSR

the USSRThe Pacific Ocean to the middle of Europe rose aimed into space enormous antenna and hid in the forests of top secret military bunkers. Through the collapse of the Union of the content of more of these objects are frail heirs could not afford. Yes and no interest in science newly formed young states, and the task was assigned to the defense of the borders of powerful neighbors.

Here are just a few of the thousands of plants hidden in the mountains and forests of secret and not-so objects that characterize all the power of the collapsed empire. But this is only the least valuable, were not in demand in the period of the division of property between the sister republics once.

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Wonders in the heavens

heavensUFO problem clearly seen two trends that have many decades of confrontation and facing each other, with varying success. The first – the full recognition of the existence of the phenomenon, the second – his absolute rejection and denial. One can only hope that in this endless debate humanity sooner or later (probably second) know the truth.

However, there is another approach to the problem of unidentified flying objects. For unsophisticated public it is very unusual and nonstandard.
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Wonders of the world. Vibration vargan – or shaman entertains ..

Wonders, worldVargan – one of the most ancient reed instruments. A huge variety of modifications vargan found in ancient ethnic cultures of different peoples of the world.

Want to buy a harp? Listen first mystical story about a shaman.

In ancient times, in addition to leadership, the shamans were healers from all diseases, weather and guess what might influence it, foresaw minds of men, and carried out rituals that accompany the souls of the dead in the afterlife. During the ceremonies, they are widely used vibration vagrant and injected tribesmen in the state of mild transit. Togda it was impossible to buy a harp. Its production involved him a shaman, carefully following the instructions of their ancestors.
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