Ancient wonder-Phaselis

ancient wonderOne of the few potted ancient cities in modern Turkey, which must see for every tourist. And not only because of its once visited by Alexander the Great and the emperor Hadrian, and not only because Phaselis was born the famed poet and orator Teodekt, a pupil of Plato. Phaselis to visit because of its easy to see. It has its own, special energy …

PhaselisSea Town, was founded in the 7th century BC colonists from the island of Rhodes, which is interested in the wood of these places are in high demand. Continue reading “Ancient wonder-Phaselis”

Wonder of the world-Statue of Zeus

ZeusThe seven ancient wonders of the worldStatue of Zeus“. Statue of God of thunder was in the temple of Zeus in Olympia in Elis, in the north-western Peloponnese. The statue had a very impressive size, for the time, Zeus was seated on a throne in height from 12 to 17 meters and the impression that “if he (Zeus) would want to get out of the throne, it certainly would carry a roof.”

The majestic statue was the work of the Athenian sculptor Phidias, who at the time managed to create two famous statues of Athena, “Athena Promachos” and “Athena Parthenos”. Continue reading “Wonder of the world-Statue of Zeus”

In the South of Russia and Ukraine expected heavy downpours and tornadoes

Atmospheric situation in South-East Europe, contributed to a sharp deterioration in weather conditions in the regions of Ukraine and Russia. Last night at the West of Ukraine came out cold atmospheric front.

At the same time on the North-West of the Black Sea was southern cyclone. The combination of these factors not only ends a long period of beach weather, but can bring down a set of adverse events associated with strong convection. Continue reading “In the South of Russia and Ukraine expected heavy downpours and tornadoes”

The volcano is spewing ash and smoke Curl in Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia–a volcano in Northern Indonesia spewing hot smoke and ash thousands of feet into the air after two new eruptions.
The volcano on the island of Sulawesi Curl came back to life last year.

Activity of the volcano was resumed on Friday with two strong eruptions and continued today on Saturday.

Residents were on alert, but evacuation is not planned yet. The nearest village is outside the danger zone for about 2.5 km (1.5 miles) from the crater. Continue reading “The volcano is spewing ash and smoke Curl in Indonesia”

Cats have discovered gene spot

Biologists have found that the occurrence of mottled coloring cat is a mutation in the gene spot. Work published in the journal Science, and its contents resulting Science Now.

Merge lines in stains found in different species of the cat family. In the wild, however, this happens very rarely. Because of this, for example, cheetahs, bearing such coloring, once even contributed to a separate view. Continue reading “Cats have discovered gene spot”

The end of the world from NASA canceled!

Prediction of the anomalous solar activity, which will plunge the land into industrial chaos, made back in 2008, and now is not justified.

The second day all the feeds on the Internet are full of predictions about the end of the world, which will begin on September 21. Another terrifying – the Sun burn the land, will be a global blackout of the strongest in the history of the planet magnetic storm, and much more so that, in the end, lead to a loss of humanity. Continue reading “The end of the world from NASA canceled!”

In the United States are developing underwater apparatus in the form of tuna

The Ministry of national security of the United States to finance the development of the underwater wilderness apparatus which resembles a fish. The model was called the BIOSwimmer.

The device is shaped like a tuna, has good maneuverability and can explore even the most hard-to-reach places, for example, holds of sunken ships. In addition, BIOSwimmer is able to patrol the ports and other secret missions. To perform maneuvers to help tail and fins. Developments of apparatus are in Boston Engineering Corporation of Massachusetts. Continue reading “In the United States are developing underwater apparatus in the form of tuna”

Amateur archeologists in Denmark’s largest Viking treasure trove found

In Denmark, the three lovers-archaeologists have discovered a sensational find-treasure of Germanic Iron Age (400-500 a.d.). The treasure was discovered by metal detectors southwest of Roskilde

In a clay vessel was found 1500 objects are silver rings, Roman coins and hundreds of pieces of molten silver. It weighed 3 kg – mainly silver, as well as a small amount of gold. Archaeologists Johannes Miaris Sandberg (Iohannes Miaris Sundberg), Tobias Bondesson (Tobias Bondesson) and Tommy Olesen (Tommy Olesen) passed the Treasure Museum of Copenhagen, where he will study specialists. Continue reading “Amateur archeologists in Denmark’s largest Viking treasure trove found”

Mummy “Altai Princess” were returned to their homeland after 17 years of negotiations

An ancient Mummy, named “Altai Princess“, on Thursday arrived by helicopter from Novosibirsk in Republic Altai, Interfax reported citing the press service of the Government of the region.

“Just landed at the airport in Gorno-altaisk, the flight was normal,” the spokesman said.

Immediately after landing, the Mummy will be delivered to the Museum. Continue reading “Mummy “Altai Princess” were returned to their homeland after 17 years of negotiations”

Kamchatka volcano ejects ash to a height of 8km!

The northernmost active volcano of Kamchatka – Shiveluch emitted a column of ash to a height of 8km, reports RIA Novosti , citing a representative of the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology. As a result of the activation in the dome of the volcano formed cleft depth of about 30 meters. For settlements Shiveluch eruption no danger, but plumes dangerous to aviation. Continue reading “Kamchatka volcano ejects ash to a height of 8km!”