How the 90s Hit Women

I remember how in the 90s, when I was a child, my husband left my neighbor with three children. There was some indecent love story, a rival caught him with a bottle of wine, seduced him, wrapped him up, and he went into the sunset. As a result, a woman who never worked with two young children and one teenager was forced to somehow get out.

She adapted to sew, and therefore survived. To all whom she met, she offered her services. We ordered her a dress or skirt. Continue reading “How the 90s Hit Women”

Women’s hands – a hotbed of microorganisms

handsThe woman’s hands – is a hotbed of microorganisms.  According to scientists, the palms beautiful half of humanity is literally programmed to microbes living with them in clover.

 Experts have found that male skin has a higher acidity.  So microbes to man’s hands less comfortable.

The reproduction of microorganisms is also influenced by hormonal differences, and the use of women and men of various cosmetic hand care.

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