How the 90s Hit Women

I remember how in the 90s, when I was a child, my husband left my neighbor with three children. There was some indecent love story, a rival caught him with a bottle of wine, seduced him, wrapped him up, and he went into the sunset. As a result, a woman who never worked with two young children and one teenager was forced to somehow get out.

She adapted to sew, and therefore survived. To all whom she met, she offered her services. We ordered her a dress or skirt. Continue reading “How the 90s Hit Women”

Those men are attracted to women most

attracted to women mostHaving studied the results of various studies in the field of gender relations, scientists have found some features of the behavior and the external features of the fairer sex were male most welcome:

1. Moderate neuroticism

More women than men prone to displays of emotional instability and anxiety. Studies have shown that women with inflated levels of neuroticism are less satisfied with their relationships.

However, some scientists have suggested that the extent of disturbing the fair sex can attract men, because they treat a woman like a good mother, taking care of the welfare of their children. Continue reading “Those men are attracted to women most”