A programmer steals more than $ 10 million from Microsoft

Mountains are losing snowUkrainian citizen Vladimir Kasha stole more than $ 10 million from Microsoft, according to the materials in the criminal case. At 25, the young man led a luxury lifestyle, with cars and mansions between his properties.

Vladimir Kasha worked for Microsoft in the US, first as a contract employee, and from 2016 to 2018 as part of the company’s staff. He worked as a tester for the company’s online store, for which he had the ability to create real transactions with non-existent credit cards. Continue reading “A programmer steals more than $ 10 million from Microsoft”

7 Best Herbs for Natural Kidney Cleansing

HealthYour kidneys do a lot of important jobs, and if you don’t keep them healthy, it puts you at risk of dangerous conditions like renal failure or kidney cancer. The primary and best-known function of kidneys is to filter blood and excrete liquid waste. But they do a lot more than that.

Kidneys help control your blood pressure because they require an optimal pressure level to do their work. That means that kidneys are able to either raise or lower blood pressure as needed via a hormone called rennin that constricts blood vessels.

  1. Garlic

Garlic has a protective effect on your kidneys and other organs. Regular consumption has been found to lower the concentration of lead and cadmium in kidneys, heart, liver, spleen, and blood stream. Garlic also has diuretic properties that help you eliminate excess sodium from your body. Continue reading “7 Best Herbs for Natural Kidney Cleansing”

Characteristics vampires

incredible archaeologicalMany people in many different countries – and in Hungary and China – are confident in the reality of the existence of vampires. However, the characteristics of these at different locations are different.

It is generally accepted that many vampires can fly, or change the shape of his body. Most vampires are usually blamed for that, they attack animals and people and eagerly drink their blood. In some countries believe that the vampire – that ethereal ghost. In the other – that is corpse sinful soul who had to return to his body, unable to find peace after death.
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The winner of the names of the 35 letters requires the preparation of a driver’s license

licenseThe American government has made from the state of Hawaii right to get a driver’s license with her full name and surname. The woman’s name is Janice Lokelani. Until now, her driver’s license was only a summary name as the computer system is programmed to state your name, the length of which does not exceed 35 characters. A resident of Hawaii won she does not fit until the right name after marriage in 1992. Continue reading “The winner of the names of the 35 letters requires the preparation of a driver’s license”

Women are the main subject of violence in Papua New Guinea

WomenOne of the countries where women are most dis-empowered is Papua New Guinea. The violence is practiced in almost every local family. This often traumas and injuries that cause husbands to their wives are very difficult: there are cases when they lost their entire body. According to recent studies, the real danger of being raped faces from 50 to 70 percent of women living in Papua New Guinea. In sexual coercion admitted more than 60 percent of those surveyed men. The country has a gang to join in which the candidate must necessarily rape a woman. Continue reading “Women are the main subject of violence in Papua New Guinea”

Women are better intelligent to pick up after smoking

smokingNew science knows that the people, who have given up smoking cigarettes, can get better their health and to enter the data that are specific to non-smokers. This is indicated by the results of long-term explanation of scientists. But, in fact, this subject is not so simple.

If you separate the people who have stopped smoking, into two groups based on gender, it is clear that women go out on health rights in about 10 years. And legislative body of a strong half of mankind require twice as much time.
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Why do women talk more than men

women talkScientists have found that women, on average, say about 20,000 words a day, while men – less than 7,000. Neuro scientists and psychologists at the University of Maryland found that the verbosity of women due to the fact that their brains more protein Foxp2.

Scientists point out that if people just women have more of this protein, the rats developed the opposite situation. Continue reading “Why do women talk more than men”

2012 Most Inspirational Stories

Ugliest WomanWorld’s Ugliest Woman (Lizzie Velasquez) was born with a medical condition so rare that just two other people in the world are thought to have it. She weighs just 60 pounds and has no adipose tissue, and cannot create muscle, store energy, or gain weight.
She inspired women the world over earlier this year when, during an interview with CNN, she said that people “should stop staring and start learning.” Continue reading “2012 Most Inspirational Stories”

What is the Soul?

The  SoulWhat is the Soul? There are numerous definitions of the term varied, among which we have chosen:
– “The Soul is the substance or cause cheerleader of individual life.” Anonymous.
– The Egyptians held that the soul was divine ray acting through a fluid compound peculiar.
– The Jews consider the vital principle.
– The Hindus teach that the human soul is part of an immutable principle, the world soul, the Anima Mundi, the all-pervading ether of space (akasha). Said ether is simply the driver of certain types of energy and serves as an interface between the essential spirit and intangible matter.
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Changing the DNA in connection with the transition

Changing, DNAHuman being genetic material DNA mutation under the influence of solar activity. Because so many are scared, trying to find doctors who can not recognize in his physical body the process of change at a deep level. A treatment is not working, government medical supply does not work, it does not meet all the challenges, which offers a person the sun.
These symptoms appear and disappear suddenly appear for no reason, go away. These are good signs the body is sending you news about what is freed from the old biology, and the old thinking. keep up with it.
Symptoms arising from mutations in DNA and changes in the body at the cellular level. Continue reading “Changing the DNA in connection with the transition”