A woman’s brain never rests

Human BrainScientists have found that women are more prone to dementia and depression than men.  This is due to the differences in the unit of the brain.  It was found that in terms of the male brain is 8-10% higher than the female, but the latter never rests.  He is active even when the woman is sleeping.

Experts say that men and women react differently to the disease.  The females are more sensitive to pain.  The fact that their emotional response to pain, therefore causing more suffering. Continue reading “A woman’s brain never rests”

The bus driver tried to eat a woman’s face.

woman's faceIn China a woman by the name of Du was sitting in a car near a bus stop when the car suddenly appeared in front of a man, who is later revealed, was a bus driver named Dong (Dong).

Climbing onto the roof of the car, he tried to break the windshield. When the woman came out of the car, cannibal threw his victim and began to chew on her face.
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