Medicines for heartburn melted Woman

Technique is widely available preparation of bowel problems almost sent the young girl to the light. Prescription drugs caused the teenager severe allergic reaction such has caused terrible consequences. After suffering an allergic reaction to widely available from heartburn pills doctors gave 17-year-old Lynn Howes only 10% survival. Potentially fatal disease – Stevens-Johnson syndrome –… Read more Medicines for heartburn melted Woman

Woman with a unique vision

The University of Newcastle announced that they had found a woman who is tetrahomatom, that is the person who can distinguish more colors than any other person in the world. According to Digital Journal, the average person can take millions of different shades of colors. This opportunity for our eyes give special cells – cones.… Read more Woman with a unique vision


Even without astrology is widely believed and enough rumors about the charm of this woman. She has, of course, and negative traits, but at first glance is a woman, of which every man can dream. I must say that the modern emancipated woman, producing a strong impression of nature have further enhanced the value of… Read more Fish-woman