Kashmir : Pakistan And The World Community Insist On Referendum

African kingdomsRelations between India and Pakistan are a classic model of insoluble frictions, now and then turning into military clashes on the border zones of Kashmir, which is one of the most militarized regions in the world. Peace periods are as rare as rain in the desert. The conflict of two powers is a legacy of British politics. When India finally gained independence from London, the first conflict with Pakistan took place in 1947-1948. Then the country of the pure (the name Pakistan is translated from the Urdu language) declared its own independence. A new Muslim state has appeared on the world map. The confrontation with India was built in from the moment the new political-state community was formed. The British conceived the forced withdrawal of their former colony: “Divide and conquer.” Pax Britannica reluctantly parted with its previously conquered territories thousands of miles from the British Isles. Continue reading “Kashmir : Pakistan And The World Community Insist On Referendum”

The Deed back Suggestion to Witches

War witchesThe 16th century was a era of religious to-do caused, in allocation, by the Protestant Reformation and the Catholic Counter-Reformation. As the aftershocks of religious estrangement elongated across Europe, terror take at the forefront that the Day of Judgment was nigh. Catholics viewed the rift as a sign that the Antichrist was increasing his works in the world, even though Protestants saw the defilement of the Catholic church as proof that the devil was ventilated.

Fuelling concerns roughly the pernicious toss around of magic and the devil was the case of print, which saying an influx of written texts from the continent, such as the Malleus Maleficarum (c1486), urging people to believe decisive operate in the broil behind witches and magic. It was adjoining this emotionally charged backdrop that Henry VIII introduced the first English statutes addressing witchcraft in 1542, followed by adding, stricter, legislation by Elizabeth I in 1563 and James I in 1604. Continue reading “The Deed back Suggestion to Witches”

Hunting for witches

The words Witch and sorcery known to mankind for more than a thousand years, and what they mean, distributed throughout the world. However, only in Western Europe in the XV-XVII centuries. monomaniacal persecution of witches reached its peak. It was then that the two churches – Protestant and Catholic – declared a witch war, have taken unprecedented proportions. And that is when both churches have called his parishioners to what can be described as massive pogroms, witch-hunting and terrible punishment. According to some reports around 200,000 people – mostly women – were found guilty and hanged or burned at the stake. By the grace of a special sentence of burning at times before the penalty being smothered. Mass hysteria, and prosecution in the history of mankind, as a rule, exist together. Continue reading “Hunting for witches”