The most harsh winter weather in the last thousand years ..

harsh winter Wintry weather in this leap year will be a severe winter in the last thousand years. The main reason for this, according to scientists from around the world – an anomalous cooling of the Gulf Stream.

Citizens living in the European part of the country expects at least five days at a temperature of -25 … -30 degrees and three days with temperatures below -30. Thus, the decade of the very low warmth of our fellow citizens is guaranteed. Even more serious cold expected north of the European part of Russia, where, according to weather forecasts, cold below -30 linger for a long time.
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Chicago winter

winter 2012The European part of Russia winter does not set a date for a start, then on the other side of the planet, in the Western Hemisphere, quite the opposite. Already snow clouds vast Pacific cyclone occupied a considerable part of the north-western United States.

As a result of this invasion of the daily temperatures in Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado dropped to 0 … -5, and in Montana, the thermometer at midday ranged from 5 … 10 degrees below zero.
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What is a “nuclear winter”?

nuclear, winterIn the sky blooms 2nd Sun. A moment of pause and break out the trees begin to melt asphalt. A few seconds later the shock wave sweeps away everything in its path and carries away the hundreds of tons of dust and debris that become homes. Above the town blooming giant tree of nuclear mushroom. The light fades. There comes a doomsday…
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Find the cause of abnormally snowy winter

snowy,winterUnusually heavy snowfalls that have been observed this winter in the northern hemisphere were caused by very low atmospheric pressure over the mid-latitudes compared to the northern latitudes.

The conclusion made by the Japan Meteorological Administration.

According this winter the atmospheric pressure in the North Pole was above normal, while in the middle latitudes, it was very low.

Japan’s Meteorological Office said that such a difference in levels of atmospheric pressure was the biggest in more than 30 years.
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