Werewolfs and legends

October 14, 1998 Brazilian researcher of anomalous phenomena Vittorio Pakachini arrived in the town of Sete Lagoas, to meet with two amateur cave explorers. According to them, they saw the mysterious creature chupacabra in a limestone cave in the mountains of Cerrado Espinhako. It happened Oct. 1 at a depth of 150 meters. Frightened by the intensity of the lanterns, being hidden in one of the side aisles. To verify the authenticity of the story Pakachini went into the cave with cave explorers. The descent was very difficult and dangerous. A few hours later, researchers reached the underground gallery at a depth of 150 meters. It was at this moment one of mine heard a strange grinding. “It seemed as if someone pulled up himself up, peering into the walls of the shaft with sharp claws,” – told Pakachini. The sound drew near, and here is one of the cavers could not resist and threw it into the darkness of his lantern. Panicked, Pakachini pulled out a pistol, but not fired, because the sounds ceased. Swept all fear caused people to rush to the surface.
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