A programmer steals more than $ 10 million from Microsoft

Mountains are losing snowUkrainian citizen Vladimir Kasha stole more than $ 10 million from Microsoft, according to the materials in the criminal case. At 25, the young man led a luxury lifestyle, with cars and mansions between his properties.

Vladimir Kasha worked for Microsoft in the US, first as a contract employee, and from 2016 to 2018 as part of the company’s staff. He worked as a tester for the company’s online store, for which he had the ability to create real transactions with non-existent credit cards. Continue reading “A programmer steals more than $ 10 million from Microsoft”

Characteristics vampires

incredible archaeologicalMany people in many different countries – and in Hungary and China – are confident in the reality of the existence of vampires. However, the characteristics of these at different locations are different.

It is generally accepted that many vampires can fly, or change the shape of his body. Most vampires are usually blamed for that, they attack animals and people and eagerly drink their blood. In some countries believe that the vampire – that ethereal ghost. In the other – that is corpse sinful soul who had to return to his body, unable to find peace after death.
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The Werewolf of Allariz

WerewolfManuel Blanco Romasanta. This name still causes fear in Ourense. One case that drew much attention in the nineteenth century and was tried and convicted of lycanthropy, being lobo.Al man apparently his misdeeds were to assault their victims with a disproportionate violence.

Once dead, pulled them fat, daub, with trading and sold to buyers. This activity of dealing in human fat earned him the nickname or daub do and, above all, sacamanteigas. The figure of sacamantecas, known throughout Galicia, has its origin in this real character and was used as scare-children since the nineteenth century. Continue reading “The Werewolf of Allariz”

How to become a werewolf?

There are several ways to become a werewolf:


by magic;

be cursed by someone whom you have wronged (the curse Lycaonia / Lycaeonia);

being bitten werewolf;

be born of the werewolf;

consistent lycanthropy (full cycle);

transformation of the initial structure of the master on the basis of the will of the pupil;

forced conversion of the initial structure based on the will of the master;

No natural:

eat the brain of the wolf;

to drink water from a wolf tracks in the ground or from a reservoir from which saw a wolf pack;

taste fried volchey flesh;

wear clothes made of wolf;

born on Christmas Eve.
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Type of werewolf

There are two types of werewolves: “imaginary” or werewolves, lycanthropy, werewolves, and the present.

Lycanthropy – a mental condition in which a person (lycanthropy) considers himself a werewolf. He does not change its physical form, but it is equally dangerous as a real werewolf. In most cases, it attacks the werewolf lycanthropy was responsible for what happened.

It is believed that if a real werewolf, he can physically transform into a wolf. This change may occur as the wish of a werewolf, and inadvertently caused, for example, certain lunar cycles or sounds (howl). Most investigators of this issue claim that the howling of wolves, moon phases, smells, or the surroundings affect the consciousness of lycanthropy, prompting him to action. Continue reading “Type of werewolf”

Werewolf. Man or a wolf?

First, the werewolf – this is a man-witch doctor, who can no longer be called a man in the truest sense of the word, has the ability to turn into a wolf and seek out their victims by day and night.

Shapeshifter – one of the shapes of ancient superstition, which appeared at about the same time as the witches, vampires, ghosts and other evil spirits. And now hundreds of years, he terrifies the people living in rural and in urban areas. The name of the werewolf has received from the Greek word “lycanthropy” which means “man-wolf.” But it should be noted that the phenomenon of transformation in an animal in different countries have different names: in France it is being called Lugar;
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Werewolfs and legends

October 14, 1998 Brazilian researcher of anomalous phenomena Vittorio Pakachini arrived in the town of Sete Lagoas, to meet with two amateur cave explorers. According to them, they saw the mysterious creature chupacabra in a limestone cave in the mountains of Cerrado Espinhako. It happened Oct. 1 at a depth of 150 meters. Frightened by the intensity of the lanterns, being hidden in one of the side aisles. To verify the authenticity of the story Pakachini went into the cave with cave explorers. The descent was very difficult and dangerous. A few hours later, researchers reached the underground gallery at a depth of 150 meters. It was at this moment one of mine heard a strange grinding. “It seemed as if someone pulled up himself up, peering into the walls of the shaft with sharp claws,” – told Pakachini. The sound drew near, and here is one of the cavers could not resist and threw it into the darkness of his lantern. Panicked, Pakachini pulled out a pistol, but not fired, because the sounds ceased. Swept all fear caused people to rush to the surface.
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Weapon against werewolves

In the legends of all peoples of the earth werewolf can be killed by obsidian knife or an arrow with the same tip. Obsidian weapons is considered sacred and used in many rituals. Another substance, possession of a destructive force for the werewolf – silver. And the Scots, and English, and Russian, and Africans, and Indians killed their werewolves with silver arms. This can be a bullet, cast in silver and a dagger with a silver finish on the blade

Silver collar “or so-called” collar werewolf “was invented based on the impact of silver on the body werewolf. It was conceived as an instrument of revenge, but extremely dangerous, because such a collar to be put on a live werewolf. Where it was invented, just can not say, but it is very effective for those who wanted to buy time and prolong the lycanthropy.
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Mysteries Arzamas monster

The mysterious creature (not a crocodile, not a prehistoric dinosaur) was found in the city of Arzamas in the early eighteenth century. Monster authorities zaspirtovali barrel and sent to St. Petersburg to study. But the men accompanying the cargo, as one might expect, drinking alcohol from a keg, a relic lizard (possibly the last on the planet) allowed for snack …

Coat of arms of Moscow is known to all – it has a picture geog Victorious, lance snake. But few people realize that this is the dragon (not excluded) a very real creature that lived some time in Russia’s forests.
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The strength of vampires

The vampire was destined to wander the earth, every night searching a sacrifice to satisfy excruciating thirst. We know that they have a lot of mysterious abilities, helped in this endeavor.

The first of these include the ability to change the shape. Buried vampire does not need it, whenever he left the tomb, run, as moles, the yield on the surface of thicker soil. Believe that it can seep up through the ground and, finding them on the surface, take the same form. In its desire to become a vampire wolf, flying mouse, cat, rat, and even a light mist. In any guise, he could climb any wall, protest in any window, and even penetrate through the keyhole. If it was not taken special precautions, neither in one place could not be completely safe.
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