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Causes of the Persian Wars

Persian WarsIt should now be appreciative that Herodotus saw the revolt in terms of the ambitions of individuals (he singles out the Milesians Aristagoras and Histiaeus), and this must be allocation of the obstinate. But this must be supplemented by deeper explanations, because the rising was a chosen general affair.

Economic factors

An easy economic description, such as used to be trendy, is no longer permitted. Perhaps one should sky otherwise for military causes: Ionians disliked the military abet to which they were with compelled (they did not even care much for the naval training they had to undergo, in a enlarged cause, in front Lade). Persia not unaided become accumulation-lucky personal military relief but punished attempts to evade it, even at high social levels. Its method of organizing reason and of raising occasional large armies (there was no large Persian standing army) was analogous to the method of far afield-off afield ahead feudalism: fiefs of residence were arranged in row for political allegiance and for military support behind occasion required Read the rest of this entry »

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Medical Wars-Persian And Greek

Persian And GreekMedical wars which the Greeks held beside the kings of the Medes and Persians for half a century (500-449) that the Greek historian Herodotus, a contemporary of the events, has spoken with many details. The Greeks fought bravely and achieved independence brilliant victories. This was the triumph of Europe over Asia, of freedom over despotism, but the triumph of civilization over barbarism, as has been saying a long time.

In Africa and Asia, Darius had reached the desert, the sea or mountains inaccessible and hence imagined undertake new conquests. Europe, Asia just separated by a stretch of sea, incited his ambition. Had already invaded Scythia, ie southern Russia, and conquered Thrace, that is, most of current European Turkey, only then to the Greek world before him.
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