Warming of 1.5 degrees lead to global catastrophe

greenhouse effectHotness rises by just one and a half degrees will release huge amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, only hastening global warming, according to a study published by the United Nations.

Specialists note that the warming in Siberia can release more than 1,000 gigatons of carbon dioxide and methane. Will be sufficient to simplify the process of raising the temperature.
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Global warming is already over 15 years

Natural WarmingGlobal warming stopped 15 years as then stopped growing average temperature, according to a report by the UK Meteorological Agency.

Sensational data released last week and based on measurements from 3 thousand weather stations indicate that from early 1997 to August 2012, the average annual temperature remained at the same level, whereas in the previous period – from 1980 to 1996. – It is continuously growing. Previously for about 40 years, the temperature was stable and even declined, the report said.
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Global Warming Conspiracy

global warming Although about 97% of current scholars agree that the available evidence points to the existence of a warming trend caused by human activity, public opinion in matters of climate change is split according to party affiliation.

According to a report published in 2011 by the Institute of Kars University of New Hampshire, Democrats are more likely to “believe” in global warming than Republicans. Most often about his unbelief deniers and skeptics say, deeply convinced of his views on climate change.
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Weird and wonderful Weather

WeatherNew York Time reported on the changes in the assessment of the climate situation, the UN experts. Until now, it was decided to emphasize only the global warming, but recent events have forced to reclassify what is happening in the framework of the “strange weather”. Indeed, in the city of Mumbai (India) fell to 900 millimeters of precipitation per day, which caused huge losses and thousands of victims. At the same time in the U.S. and UK land remained practically dry during the winter, and many farmers do not even plan to start the processing of their lands, before considering it useless. The number of storms and hurricanes increases literally every day, and experts fear waiting for the approximation of the summer.
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Scientist’s global warming scare

global, warmingGlobal warming is real. Its peak will occur in 2030. , Said Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology , Yuri Trutnev.

“It is clear that warming exists. Experts still have different points of view, as it is anthropogenic, and how much – is cyclical fluctuations in temperature on Earth. It is convinced that there are one and the other factor. Because we need to proceed from the fact that we are obliged to reduce their own impact on the planet, if we wish to preserve it in equilibrium. What threat could arise if we fail to do this? First of all, it’s the threat of melting ice and, consequently, sea-level rise. In this case, a number of areas and even a number of countries are flooded, “- said the Russian minister.
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Impact of CO2 on plants accelerates global warming

global, warmingScientists have proven that increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration increases the temperature of the climate, not only because of the greenhouse effect, but also because of the reduced ability of plants to cool the air by evaporation from the surface of its leaves; the article says the researchers published in the journal Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences.

The study authors believe that the observed phenomena they will make substantial amendments to the forecasts of global warming, if it is taken into account in current climate models. This suggests that the current expectations of climatologists on the magnitude of global warming in the twenty-first century may be significantly understated.
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Global warming threatens people’s lives

global ,warmingClimatologists at the University of New South Wales (Australia) and Purdue University (USA) showed that the rise in average surface temperature at 11-12 ˚ C will result in the fact that most of the human population will have to deal with the overheating of the body.

Scientists have examined relationship of global warming with an increase in the maximum temperature of wet bulb temperature (TW). This value is measured by a thermometer, wrapped a damp cloth and blown air flow. The evaporation of water, the intensity of which depends on the humidity, cool bulb, and it shows a lower value than the dry device transmits portal Kompyulenta.
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How will global warming?

No one denies that the planet has come the global warming. Scientists project that in the coming years, sea levels will rise by 1.5 meters. But the forecast for the coming years. And what happens if the melting glaciers will avalanche? The development of such a situation can occur, of course, in the coming years, and during the following centuries, when will live our great-great-great-grandchildren.

The Institute of Computational Mathematics held scale, which have no analogues in Russia the study of climate dynamics. The simulation of the dynamics of climate on the planet in the XIX-XXII centuries. Today it is the only Russian mathematical model that takes into account the general circulation of the atmosphere and ocean.
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Global warming will cause the extinction of entire

Global, warmingScientists said that in the new century, the cause of instability and disappearance of entire nations will be climate change. Polar ice may melt within 60 years, and then, life will change beyond recognition. Sea levels will rise so much that many coastal countries, in which lives a third of the world’s population – will go under the water.

According to the findings of UN experts, the cause of the anomalous warming is the so-called “greenhouse effect”. Seeing this danger, the state in 1997 signed the “Kyoto Protocol – an international agreement on reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
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Fighting warming: injection of carbon dioxide in the ocean

Fighting ,warmingUntil we know enough to say that dumping CO2 in the water – sound method, but there will not be carried out small-scale experiments, we do not understand how this will affect marine creatures. I think that there should be a series of experiments using one ton CO2 “, – said Wallace Broker of the University of Columbia (USA).

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