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Mysteries Arzamas monster

The mysterious creature (not a crocodile, not a prehistoric dinosaur) was found in the city of Arzamas in the early eighteenth century. Monster authorities zaspirtovali barrel and sent to St. Petersburg to study. But the men accompanying the cargo, as one might expect, drinking alcohol from a keg, a relic lizard (possibly the last on the planet) allowed for snack …

Coat of arms of Moscow is known to all – it has a picture geog Victorious, lance snake. But few people realize that this is the dragon (not excluded) a very real creature that lived some time in Russia’s forests.
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Warlocks – generally rare speech in the name of the people practice magic. In the Surgut region believed that the warlock can be identified by appearance – “a wizard did not strezhet nails, hair not combed, not to pray to God.” Conspiracies are warlocks year, their “duff” in Christ’s matins (need silence, not looking back, read all the conspiracies), but if at this time to touch the warlock and say “Christ is Risen!” – Then he falls dead.

In European folklore same – Warlocks called simply “erudition” sorcerers. As a rule they were large library of books on magic. Warlocks were mostly evil and bring people from harm caused by devils or demons. There are rarely concluded a contract with the devil.

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