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History of warfare on earth real

warfareSurface populate planet already came out of the mines and lodge in what would china korea vietnam thailand, and part of india in the real world.

In the battles in the solar system with large ships enlil diverts a your planet jupiter moon base and against send x1, but this is for deviant scor, and only happens so near x1 causing the destruction of the first part of the continent of mu.
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Biological warfare and its evolution: the HIV project

The history of biological warfare (BW) can be divided into three parts ancient history, modern history and what we call “this”. Ancient history begins far beyond what we think a priori and lasts until the end of the twentieth century. Just to give an example, the first documented use of biological warfare dates back to Roman times that used animal carcasses to contaminate enemy water supplies. At that time the idea was behind this kind of attack was a weakened enemy is an enemy easy to defeat … Since then and until now have been many changes, and far-reaching. To explain the modern history and present, need to continue this article, it is interesting to focus our attention on the movements of the United States, and their universal impact in the last 50 years especially in politics.
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Cyber warfare has become a real threat

Cyber, warfare The concept of cyber warfare was coined in the spring of 2007, after the information servers were attacked U.S. Department of Defense and the websites of the Estonian government. Some experts called the cyber “weapons of mass wrecking.
Security experts distinguish between three layers of cyberspace: physical (infrastructure, cables and routers), semantic (data) and syntactic (data transfer protocols). Jean-Loup Somali allocates an attack on the semantic layer (the theft, alteration or removal of information), attacks on the syntactic layer (data corruption by viruses and other interference) and the attack on the physical layer (to the real infrastructure and involve physical participation enemy).To date, the creation of viruses, Trojans, and blocking access are more simple and cheaper means than the use of guns and howitzers, while at the same time, information attack could cause real harm.
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