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Wandering star changed the slope of the planet

StarPlanet Scientist always cared for one thing- why the Earth’s orbit is inclined at 7 degrees to the equator of the sun?. Now a new theory suggests that perhaps a wandering young star passed close to Earth and forced to change the tilt of the planet..

Constantine Bat gin of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts, suggests that during the formation of the solar system, “stray” star influenced not only on Earth, but on all the other planets of the system, which is why the orbits of all the planets in our system are at an angle to the equator of the Sun..
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Wandering graves

Wandering, gravesThe autumn of 1928 Sir Arthur Hezlem was in passing in a small Scottish town Glenisvill. At the local cemetery almost 70 years ago, was buried in his grandfather’s brother, Sir Roger Hazel. In his youth, Roger started a quarrel with his father, fell into disgrace, was disinherited and expelled from the house. The young firebrand very long time wandering around the world until he found reassurance in poverty and freedom in the local glensvillskom cemetery. Over time Heyzlemov has become a tradition to visit his grave, and the last time, Sir Arthur was here no less than five years ago. However, he retained the memory location of the tomb of Roger, he remembered, and the adjacent tombstone with carved in granite angel.
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