Bright spots Ceres could be water volcanoes

volcanoesAs NASA Dawn probe during March drawn into the orbit of the dwarf planet Ceres in the asteroid belt, he found a bright spot in the crater. Suspect, among other, that this spot was born in the eruption of water into space.

Fresh views expressed just yesterday, give weight to the idea. In the photos show a bright spot, visible even from the outside, which means that it stands above the crater. Surprisingly, the rim of this feature is most likely on the front of the line of sight, says Andreas Notes responsible for the mission camera and submit pictures yesterday at a conference LPSC in The Woodlands, Texas.  We believe that this may be some kind of decontamination. Continue reading “Bright spots Ceres could be water volcanoes”

Ten interesting facts about volcanoes

Ten t volcanoesSome of these facts are known to you, others may surprise you. In any case, volcanoes have amazing features that deserve attention.

 1. There are three main types of volcanoes

Although volcanoes consist of hot magma that reaches the Earth‘s surface, and is cast, they come in different types. Shield volcanoes different lava flows of low viscosity, which spread out over tens of kilometers; This makes them very wide with smooth beveled edges. Stratovolcanoes consist of different types of lava, spewing ash and rocks, and grow to great heights. Continue reading “Ten interesting facts about volcanoes”

Global warming wakes volcanoes

wakes volcanoesPerceptibly volcanic which then reflects the sun’s rays, cooling the planet in a few years. But it turns out the opposite is happening, the periods of warming, following the period of glaciations, can lead to more frequent eruptions.

A group of geologists studying ocean bottom mud sample along the perimeter of the Pacific Ring of Fire volcano for signs of ancient eruptions. Bottom layer thicknesses in a million years of accumulation contain layers of ash from the eruption of 91. Continue reading “Global warming wakes volcanoes”

Suicide? Guatemala on people return to steaming volcanoes!

Residents were evacuated from the foothills of the day before yesterday suddenly puffed Fuego volcano (Guatemala), began to return to their homes, despite the prohibitions of the rescuers.

The reason for the return of people to their homes was that the activity of the volcano has decreased – it became the project smaller smoke. However, it surprised the rescuers, who did not believe in the future behaviors of the elements – from the crater of the volcano can politsya lava. Despite the warnings of emergency workers, many residents do not even want to listen to experts, and some appeared to have returned to their homes, “deserting” even during the evacuation. Continue reading “Suicide? Guatemala on people return to steaming volcanoes!”

Land of the mud volcanoes

mud volcanoesThe world have a only 700 mud volcanoes in the world, and an estimated 300 are in the Gobustan State Reserve, southwest of Baku near the Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan.

The mud volcanoes of Azerbaijan, aspiring to become one of the natural wonders of the world, a way to highlight an unusual phenomenon: generally correspond to gas fumes that form a cone and crater of no great height from which emanates a hydrated clay usually forms sparkling lakes.

In 2012, together wake up all the volcanoes?

VolcanoesMankind seems to have no rest until he has passed the notorious date on which the Mayans supposedly appointed to an end.
Numerous educators have tired to explain: Maya prophesied the end of the world in your calendar. Both the calendar does not terminate on Dec. 21, 2012, as some think. This day will end only next great cycle period of 5126 years. Or Fifth Sun, in the terminology and beliefs of the ancient Indians. And begin Sixth Sun.
No, I do not trust people. And waiting at the appointed time of a cataclysm that will destroy life on Earth. But scientists may be unwittingly and regularly provoke fears.
Continue reading “In 2012, together wake up all the volcanoes?”