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Woman with a unique vision

unique visionThe University of Newcastle announced that they had found a woman who is tetrahomatom, that is the person who can distinguish more colors than any other person in the world. According to Digital Journal, the average person can take millions of different shades of colors. This opportunity for our eyes give special cells – cones. In the eye of the average person, there are three types of cones, these people are called trichromats. Color-blind have only two types, respectively, they are called dichromate. Almost all animals, including dogs and monkeys are dichromate. Read the rest of this entry »

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Individual vision and forecast the coming events

eventInteresting to wait how things are going around the date “21 December”, but as a human I would like to help people in the explanation of many layers of information, which they do not possess a number of different reasons. Because, like all of our fears stem from misunderstanding and ignorance of what is happening and what might happen in the near future.

I will try based on what I have read and understand for themselves within five years of continuous search for truth through the study of various esoteric literature and scientific nature, to present his vision of the universe picture and make a forecast for the developing world events.
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