At most 320,000 mysterious viruses intimidate humanity

VirusA team of U.S.researchers at Columbia University manage to take over a thousand of biological samples of the major flying mammals in the world while studying flying foxes in the jungle of Bangladesh. When laboratory analysis chain reaction using the polymer  the scientists were able to identify 58 new viruses.

Finely, this number was extrapolated to 5,486 known mammals, reaching a total of at least 320,000 viruses, say the study materials published on the site of the university. Continue reading “At most 320,000 mysterious viruses intimidate humanity”

The clash of viruses and immune system

immune systemThe human genes in the history of “arms race” between viruses and the immune system. Anti-virus protection and virus proteins, being deceived, developed in the tracks. But the race in which the animals come out until the winners going on.

The arms race – an attribute not only human civilization. The confrontation of viral agents and the immune system of a living organism – an example of a far more inventive, much more ancient and infinite in its essence of the conflict.
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12 incredible events in 2012

Incredible,year,20122012 will be an incredible year, the financial world is facing an abyss, the wars in Iran and Syria, managed natural disasters, new epidemics, newly discovered vaccines, curtailed civil rights and censorship on the Internet. Apocalypse at the end of 2012 – that is what is most feared in 2012, numerous prophets.
12 different factors in the development of events in 2012.
1) End of the World 2012
Mayan calendar ends on 21/12/2012
Fearsome date that the majority of Mayan priests associated with disasters in a society that is coming new age of mankind, waking from a dream, an enlightened and tolerant, living in peace and harmony. Under the influence of increased solar activity, our DNA is significantly altered. Continue reading “12 incredible events in 2012”

First God created the viruses

The sensational revelation of scientists we – not people by half.
Who here has not made garbage?
Scientists are faced with a mystery back in 2001 when it began to decode the human genome. Functional parts in it found even less than expected, just as five. Half were completely useless – holidays. They looked just foreign bodies. Or seemed to be broken. In a word, “junk genes”. It was called this strange sequence of nucleotides. And only recently become clear: do not litter at all, but part of the … different viruses. And we are literally woven by one of them.

– According to the latest scientific data, our genome, a total of half consists of DNA viruses – says a British doctor Frank Ryan, author of acclaimed books “Virus X”, “Virolyutsiya” and “Gen. Yom Kippur.”
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Prehistoric viruses threaten mankind!

The most famous are the so-called plazmozavry – creatures that represent clusters of plasma. The first encounter with members of the Soviet expedition to get into in 1959 to the South Magnetic Pole.

Antarctica was the last continent, which set foot man. For a long time, researchers thought it was virtually lifeless continent. Only on the ocean, they met the good-natured colony of penguins, a striking resemblance to his habits of people. But it turned out that the continent is inhabited by strange and deadly creatures, a meeting which leads to inevitable death.
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