Ebola: Penza placed in quarantine 24 people exposed to suspicious African

Ebola VirusPenza for student teacher training the University of Nigeria, who was hospitalized with suspected Ebola was quarantined, 24 people. It also foreign students who allegedly communicated with infected, told reporters the chief doctor of the Penza regional clinical centers specialized types of medical care Sergei Ribalkin.

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The deadly virus

VirusThe prestigious French Pasteur Institute in Paris, showed no 2300 tubes, which contained samples of potentially deadly virus .

On Monday, employees of private non-profit Research Institute Pasteur in Paris, famous for the discovery in 1983 of the HIV virus, admitted that they lost about 2349 vials of 29 boxes, which contained samples of the deadly SARS virus correspondent writes The Local. Continue reading “The deadly virus”

New type of avian influenza virus during a pandemic could kill many people

influenza virusHuman population virtually no antibodies against H7 sub type of influenza virus. Virus called H7N7 was detected in chickens in China, according to a new study published in the journal Nature. A team of researchers from Hong Kong has found the virus in 25% of samples taken from the birds, many of which also had the virus H7N9.

Testing the H7N7 strain of the virus in ferrets, the researchers found that it can be transmitted to mammals. If that H7N7 will continue to circulate in the chick, I’m sure that human cases of infection occur, – told AFP co-author Yi Guan of the University of Hong Kong. Continue reading “New type of avian influenza virus during a pandemic could kill many people”

Who comes first in the world – a virus or a cell?

VirusPennsylvania a new method for biological calculations that will help to determine what first arose on Earth – the cells or viruses? In order to answer this question biologists have traced the evolutionary path of proteins that make up cells and viruses.

We have just started the study with the help of the custom method. Confident that in the end it will be possible to explain what had emerged from what – the virus has evolved into a cell, or vice versa, – says project manager Randy Patterson. Continue reading “Who comes first in the world – a virus or a cell?”

The virus discovered that can destroy humanity

humanity virusGroup of scientists have exposed a previously unknown to science deadly virus, which, they claim, in the near future could destroy mankind.

One of the victims of the “virus of Armageddon,” as he called scientists, has already become a 38-year-old Briton, says RBC . The other day he died in a London hospital of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever. The symptoms of the disease – a headache, and joint pain, nausea and fever. As the disease on the patient appear extensive bruising, starting uncontrollable bleeding of internal organs.
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Armageddon virus

virusArmageddon virus will not fight The so-called Armageddon virus, which, according to British scientists may soon destroy the entire population of the earth is very old and does not represent any particular risk.

The myth of the Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever debunked head of the Laboratory of Applied Ivanovsky Virology RAMS Alex Zaberezhny. “The virus that is known from the middle of the last century. Continue reading “Armageddon virus”

Skype comes to mass mailing virus

SkypeDetected a mass mailing via Skype and social networks, leading to the infection of Windows-computer worm Worm.NgrBot. According to RBC , the danger of the threat is compounded by the fact that a malicious link, users are authorized on behalf of their contacts.

In RuNet found interesting social trojan distributed via Skype and social networks. Apparently, the first threat described Belarusian antivirus company VirusBlokAda October 4, 2012 The next day confirmed the existence of a threat of domestic anti-virus vendors, Kaspersky Lab and Doctor Web.
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Discovered a new virus-like SARS virus

SARSSARS virus which is known to be spread throughout the world in 2002 and caused the death of hundreds of people.

The virus was found in 49-year-old man, who was taken to a London hospital by ambulance from Qatar. September third man with symptoms of SARS went to a hospital in Qatar, the seventh of September he was sent to the intensive care unit, and on September 11 he was sent to the UK.
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The HIV epidemic

human ,immunodeficiency ,VirusThe economic disaster swept the epidemic of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV / AIDS), mainly among drug users, reported on Saturday the Ministry of Health of the country.
Since 2011 Greece is experiencing an unprecedented spread of HIV among people who use drugs intravenously, in the heart of Athens, increase in the incidence was 1500% by the end of the year. In past years, the number of infections was very low – 10-15 per year – said in a press release from the Ministry of Health.
In the four years already registered 115 cases of infection among drug users, but for 2012 they are expected to more than 300.
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Scientists have discovered how the AIDS virus deceives the immune cells

AIDSSpain and Germany have unraveled one of the key mechanisms of immunodeficiency virus in the human body, which will create new treatments for AIDS.
A team led by Javier Martinez-Picado (Javier Martinez-Picado) of the Centre for the Study of AIDS in Barcelona IrsiCaixa described in an article published in the journal PLoS Biology, a previously unknown mechanism of the virus HIV-1 in dendritic cells – a type of immune system cells of human .

These cells are located in the mucous membranes of man, the first meet the infection. They are laughing harmful cells, and then transmit the samples to other immune cells – T lymphocytes, which trigger a full-blown immune response.
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