Vampire? .. Unbelievable!

The encyclopedia says that there is vampire the American Research Center, founded in 1972 by Stephen Kaplan, who studies the human-vampire, and has published “Professional Guide to vampirologii.”

I admit at once – I reported to the people, vampires treated with great suspicion, thought it was pure mythology, and the books and movies about them – just shocking and “horror stories” to viewers. But because in recent years, I am interested in the alien theme, in particular, the former inhabitants of other planets, then at some point, I was faced with an unusual confession.
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Vegetarianism is recognized psychological illness

VegetarianismThe vegetarians around the world came as a shock from the fact that experts from the World Health Association (WHO) recognized them as mentally deranged. The representatives of the movement, advocating humanism and a healthy lifestyle, were on the list of patients, which, according to international experts, should be treated first. Vegetarians have long come under attack from people who find it difficult to believe in something that can be very successful and painless existence, giving up eating meat. Many “grazers,” as they pejoratively called amateurs kebabs and steaks, even forced to hide their gastronomic predilections, to avoid harassment and ridicule from others are not so liberal. The latter is usually argued that to survive without animal products is impossible, that man is by nature a predator, and thousands of cows and pigs slaughtered for meat every day, this is the result of natural selection. Continue reading “Vegetarianism is recognized psychological illness”

Vampire Hunter

Vampire … there will always be a hunter. Who are they? Vampire Hunter – a man who dedicated his life to destroy the undead. They have knowledge and skill to hunt down and destroy the vampire. This small group of people – the only hope for human survival. They do not try to prove their case to people, they are just doing their job. Arsenal hunter – holy water and the Bible, it is certainly good, but not the main thing. Most importantly, when you go hunting – the knowledge, the right time and a little luck. Randomly embossed casement, which gave access to sunlight, may save your life. Continue reading “Vampire Hunter”

The vampire Lestat

ampireIt is difficult, perhaps, to name a single nation on the planet, in the history and mythology, which has been preserved stories and legends about vampires – rising from the ground dead, drinking human blood. With all my heart could laugh at all these superstitious remnants of the past if not for some very disturbing details … Surprisingly, in all corners of the world these ancient stories were almost identical, including the small and subtle details. For example, in Europe and South America and in Russia you can find mention of the fact that if, after a long period of time to dig a grave with a Vampire, then we can find no way altered, uncompounded body. Yes, and methods of killing vampires were the same regardless of the country, continent, hemisphere: a wooden stake hammered into his chest being required, the separation of the head from the body and laying it next to the corpse, face down (a special sign of eternal damnation – a request from a person to hell.) In ancient times, as developed means of communication was not, therefore, opportunities to share newly invented in the diseased imagination of the substance was not. Continue reading “The vampire Lestat”

Why do vampires live long?

A startling discovery. It turns out that all (well, almost everything) that we saw about vampires in Hollywood films – the truth. Scientists from Stanford University concluded that the one who is constantly updating their blood by a stranger can live a very long time.Blood cells of another organism still able to restore old organs.
However, it happens only if the old juices feed the young.These conclusions were reached after numerous experiments in mice. Scientists have sensational results, making the transfusion of blood from young to old individuals. The most beneficial way to influence young blood to the muscles. After the sessions, blood transfusions are better and faster healing are restored (if previously had been damaged). Rejuvenate the blood cells and liver. The effect of transfusions on other bodies of data have been reported yet. Continue reading “Why do vampires live long?”

Fiction and the truth about vampires

Its a possible the supernatural creatures that feed on blood ?, was inherent in the people a long time. And recently there were a “vampire” cult, including special, gothic style clothing and makeup, as well as numerous books and movies about vampires, to any reader and audience taste. But are the vampires of folklore characters only? Most interesting is that there are officially documented sightings of vampires. For example, in 1721, in East Prussia, died 62-year-old Peter Blagojevich. After his death, he allegedly got into the habit to visit her son. Soon after her son was found dead. Subsequently, the deceased was attacked also by several neighbors and drank their blood, making them also died Continue reading “Fiction and the truth about vampires”

Vampires: true story or a fairy tale?

Whether true story, and whether a fairy tale, maybe brothers among us? “So begins a well-known contemporary song. It reminded me of the situation with the vampires.
Until now, many argue: they exist or not. If so, what do they drink blood, and what is actually afraid of? There are many questions but no answers. More precisely, they are, and they are many, but the reliability of the information in question.
Let’s make a digression into history.
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Civilization of vampires

The day they are respectable way of life: go to work and shop, do business, the household … And at night go out hunting. They can not exist without blood. Human blood. Yes, yes, we are talking about vampires. Most of these living next to us!
This is not otherworldly beings who have returned from the grave to drink the blood of their victims and gain eternal life. At first glance, it’s ordinary people. They have one feature – the strange addiction to drink blood.
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In Serbia, has risen from the dead vampire Sava Savovic

People are always interested in the unknown: UFOs, witchcraft, werewolves, vampires, etc. etc. While there is willing to touch the other world, there are those who will be on these desires to make. The Serbs, for example, decided that enough for one of Transylvania lure tourists legends about Dracula, in fact far from Belgrade, too, was a real vampire!
Sava Savovic – a native of Valjevo, which is located 70 kilometers from the Serbian capital.
In 17 century the miller kept at bay the entire local population for its vampire antics. Glorified Savovic novel by Milovan Glishicha Posle devedeset godina (Ninety years later).
It is clear that to the XIX century on the bloodsucker successfully forgotten, but not forever. Recently, representatives of the tourism industry of the country decided to pull out the light of day the legend of Savovic in order to draw in Valjevo more guests. Continue reading “In Serbia, has risen from the dead vampire Sava Savovic”

The first cemetery in the world of vampires

Cemetery, VampireHuman corpses, animated by the devil, came crawling out of graves in the cemetery disappearing bush, creeping toward the houses of men. Penetrate deep into the night to sleep, sit on the chest, strangled, and drink blood. The victims also become vampires them … “” Index of diabolical forces, XIII century.
In 1994, near the Czech town Chelyakovitsy made a frightening discovery. Pan Frantisek Zmek, digging the ditch for drainage, suddenly discovered that his beloved garden – a real cemetery. The skeletons were not deep from the surface of the earth, and their appearance and character of burial indicated that they belonged to the vampires. This is the first cemetery in the world of vampires, open ever. It lies two kilometers from the town, on the hill.
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