Stone wonders of the Valley of Ghosts

StoneSecrets of the Stone Wonders Valley of Ghosts Demerji opened Nicholas Blaga, assistant professor of geography and morphology of the Tauride National University. Many tourists believe that the stone pillars that are in the Valley of Ghosts, appeared in the process of weathering, as this is constantly reported in the regional literature.

Scientists claim that the stone buildings appeared in the tectonic fractures. Nicholas Blaga within 4 years of conducting research in this zone, and the specialist said that the stone pillars were lined up clear parallel lines, like walls. Under the influence of climatic processes tectonic fissures deepened and expanded. Continue reading “Stone wonders of the Valley of Ghosts”

The glaciers of Antarctica found the valley of the size of the Grand Canyon

Grand CanyonBritish scientists have exposed a giant rift valley by glaciers in western Antarctica. Their findings were available in the scientific journal Nature. Experts believe that the fault is 1.6 kilometers deep and the size of the U.S. Grand Canyon may be related to high rates of ice melting in the region.

The deepening of the crust is located under the glacier Farrago, which stretches for 28 kilometers to the Gulf Eltanina in the Bellingshausen Sea in the western Antarctic. The discovery was made by scientists using radar that can penetrate thick ice at a distance of approximately 2.5 thousand kilometers. The region before the study was visited by explorers only once – in 1961.
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