Scientists presented the world’s first vaccine against smoking

smoking vaccineScientists have presented to the world a vaccine┬áthat can overcome nicotine addiction completely. The innovative tool is designed to nano- research laboratory in Khimki. Now the drug passes Phase II trials, which is determined by its effectiveness and clinical significance . Safety tests have been successful, the researchers are confident that the new vaccine can not cause harm to the body . New drug helps produce specific antibodies that prevent nicotine enters the cells of the cerebral cortex . Continue reading “Scientists presented the world’s first vaccine against smoking”

AIDS vaccine already exists?

A team of U.S. scientists, including a native of Kazakhstan, Ken Alibek (formerly – Kanatzhan Alibekov), today announced the sensational discovery: HIV actually does not breed or breed from substantially the lowest rate in the blood of people vaccinated against smallpox naturally.

As you know, the sudden appearance and an explosive spread of HIV throughout the world and found no clear explanation. Proceeding from the fact that this phenomenon may be due to the cessation of vaccination against smallpox, the scientists conducted a study of the susceptibility to HIV infection of blood of people vaccinated.
The results showed that vaccinated patients immunodeficiency virus multiplies more slowly than in the same cells of people with no previous vaccination. Continue reading “AIDS vaccine already exists?”