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Unsolved mysteries of the hermitage

Mysterious Hermitage93 ago opened all the rooms of the hermitage. What is not a reason to visit the famous museum? To inspect more than three million exhibits need at least eight years. We offer tour-sighting familiarity with the major mysteries of the hermitage

What peacock?

In 1777, prince grigory potemkin decided to once again surprise the empress catherine. He chose to work english mechanic james cox. Why it is unknown. Maybe russian count saw amazing things in promotional catalogs, which published the master. However, it is unclear whether cox personally fulfilled an order for russian prince or helped him fried rich Urey. Read the rest of this entry »

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Unsolved Egypt’s fantastic and weird history

pyramids and tombsStrange and weird facts about Egypt’s mummies, pyramids and tombs. Stories of tutankhamun’s death, Pharaohs and many more mysteries that surrounded Egypt’s great history.

Pyramids and Tombs

Pyramids were a big signal to tell grave robbers where the pharaoh’s treasure was hidden. That’s why, by Tutankhamun’s time, pharaohs were buried underground.

Napoleon’s engineers said the stones of the Great Pyramid would build a wall around France. Some people believe the young Tutankhamun was murdered by his uncle, Ay, who went on to take the throne. But in 2005 the mummy was given an X-ray, and they found he had a broken leg, which probably led to his death. Read the rest of this entry »

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Unsolved mystery Sakkarskoy birds

birdsSakkarskoy bird – an artifact that was found in Egypt next to the pyramid of Saqqara in 1898 during the excavation of the tomb Padimena. Artifact in the form of a small bird became the subject of many heated debates.

The fact that this little figure made of wood and scientists estimate the age of a 2200 years old. Moreover, its shape, though resembles the shape of the bird is much more in line with the aerodynamic contours of modern aircraft. Moreover, the characters on the figure means gift of Amun, and three of papyrus found next to her, mention the phrase I want to fly.

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Six unsolved mysteries of ancient civilizations

ancient civilizationsThis fact is not illuminated by the world media and the general public is not discussed, but, nevertheless, remains that today humanity must choose which view of history, it will stick, and in what direction, based on your choice, move on.

At the moment, there is an official, devoid of mystery, somehow explain some inconsistencies and busy, mostly raking shards and compiling catalogs, the official story.  It is now in full force, based on the evidence and issues that do not answer, thronging alternative history.

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Greatest unsolved mysteries( Haitian Voodoo)

VoodooHaitian Voodoo is a type of religion that originated in the Caribbean on the island, known as the “Hispaniola“.

In the 16th century, many slaves were brought from Africa to the island.  Many of these slaves came from West Africa.  These people professed a unique religion, which consisted of various faiths and several unique methods.  When the slaves brought to Haiti, the new owners were forced to take their local religion, namely Christianity, the Roman Catholic Church.  Read the rest of this entry »

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