The mysterious guardian of universal balance

universal balanceTheĀ first time on the black knights mentioned in 800’s, and in the XIII century them is legendary. Although black knights do good works, and defended the city against unjust rulers and other threats, the medieval church banned the mention of them, and all the texts relating thereto.

Nevertheless, the story of the legendary knight Ashore spread over the centuries. Black Knight Ashor known as an experienced and strong man, despite his advanced age, specializing in the brutal murder of kings and other nobles. In the XIII century, one of the kings was a powerful enemy the king of another country, oppresses his subjects.

Desperate to defeat his opponent, the king sent a message and asked Ashora come. One night, the king woke up and saw the knight next to his bed. He entered the palace unnoticed, thus proving their skills. The Knight asked the king about whom to kill, and the king told him. The first check whether the enemy king’s evil oppressor of the people. Continue reading “The mysterious guardian of universal balance”