Thunder storms universal discharge

LightingThe scientists Alexander Gurevich and Anatoly Karashtin found new experimental confirmation of the theory that the cause of lightning is cosmic rays – high-energy charged particles from outer space. The article appeared in the scientific journal Physical Review Letters.

The process of a lightning discharge is quite complex and it is not known what causes lightning itself. It is believed that the occurrence of a discharge between clouds and the ground, you must have a large potential difference. When this is achieved, breakdown occurs. In reality, however, observed in the clouds potentials on the order of less than needed for the breakdown.

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Discover the Universal language before the Tower of Babel

Universal languageBased on the studies of Professor De Santillana, Giorgio Terzoli discovered an astronomical precessional code through which said it all ancient cultures.

To be really fair that discovery should be divided into two distinct part, the first code that we call De Santillana – Von Dechend (“The mill of Hamlet”), is understood by science in 1969 and the second set as Code Terzo is given by Giorgio Terzoli generated.
Code De Santillana – Von Dechend
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