Trypillians unique calendar

Trypillians calendarThe torch was lit our Tripoli – five or six thousand years ago.  Neolithic.  An incredible burst of human genius, who created the foundation for future development and establishment of modern Ukraine and the entire global civilization.

 Recall Trypillian settlements even hundreds of hectares, more than ten times the area of Babylon in the era of its heyday extended from the southern Carpathian Mountains across the central part of the black soil of modern Ukraine!  At that time it was the highest civilization in Europe!

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Found a unique dinosaur skeleton

dinosaurThe capital of Portugal, Lorinyane found the most complete skeleton of a dinosaur in the world. This was stated by Portuguese paleontologist Octavio Mateus . Age finds is 150 million years old . This is the whole dinosaur in Portugal and one of the most complete in the world, – says the researcher Lourinha Museum and the New University of Lisbon Octavio Mateus . Continue reading “Found a unique dinosaur skeleton”

Woman with a unique vision

unique visionThe University of Newcastle announced that they had found a woman who is tetrahomatom, that is the person who can distinguish more colors than any other person in the world. According to Digital Journal, the average person can take millions of different shades of colors. This opportunity for our eyes give special cells – cones. In the eye of the average person, there are three types of cones, these people are called trichromats. Color-blind have only two types, respectively, they are called dichromate. Almost all animals, including dogs and monkeys are dichromate. Continue reading “Woman with a unique vision”

The unique attraction of Sri Lanka

attraction of Sri LankaSigiriya – which is one of the most enigmatic and mysterious attractions, not only in Sri Lanka, but the entire world!  This is the most unique and distinctive architectural monument monumental masterpiece of ancient architecture.

Erected was an amazing citadel in 477 by King Kasyapa, who thanks to his cunning usurped the throne, treacherously killed his father.  Younger brother Kasyapa decided to flee to South India to procure military reinforcements in order to avenge the murder of his father.  Usurper very afraid that revenge really overtake his brother, so I decided to build a fortress to protect himself from his righteous anger.  This power structure, it was decided to build on top of a huge 180 – meter cliff. Continue reading “The unique attraction of Sri Lanka”

Unique world of colors

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