Unexplained Mysterious of Akakor

Mysterious of AkakorErich von Daniken year in 1973 at the height of his fame, claimed in his book The Gold of the Gods that he had found a gigantic subterranean tunnel system in Southern America.

It was a major claim – and one that seriously would tarnish his profile, for his source would soon deny he had said no such thing. For many, the incident proved that von Daniken was a fabricator of lies. Continue reading “Unexplained Mysterious of Akakor”

Mysterious of Unexplained plato’s atlantis

ATLANTISOne of the most written about mysterious is that of atlantis. What does it mean? What is atlantis? Where is it? What influence does it have on us? Does it exist in the first place? So many questions, so many ideas.

For this essay i thought i’d go back to source and see if we can learn anything about its conception. And the beginning of the myth takes us back to that great philosopher, plato, who first wrote about it. But can we find hints in plato’s life and mind itself? Continue reading “Mysterious of Unexplained plato’s atlantis”

The unexplained mineral structure in the center east

The pilots of the Royal Air Force flew the route from Cairoto Baghdad. In their flight they saw something strange in the lava fields of Syria, eastern Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Scattered over the landscape desolate, barren desert, hundreds of miles from anywhere else, there were thousands and thousands of elaborate stone wheels, which precise up to 70 meters wide and it was only possible to see them beginning the sky.

Lt. Percy Maitl and was the first to document the extinction of the mysterious structures in an article available in 1927 for the journal Antiquity 1970s when Dr. David Kennedy, now a professor of ancient history at the University of Western Australia began studying old photographs of Jordan. Continue reading “The unexplained mineral structure in the center east”

Unexplained archaeological findings

Early 30’s Dr. Hilburn Burafz Greeley, director of the department of geology of Bern College, visited the one place in the state of Kentucky, where he found ten well-preserved and several partially surviving traces in sandstone. They were left on the banks of an ancient river in the Paleozoic era about 250 million years ago.

Burafz kept their findings secret for seven years. He carefully studied the traces of a biped that could wear shoes 7.5 gauge. Continue reading “Unexplained archaeological findings”