The underwater city of the dead

underwaterMany wealthy people think through in advance the script of his funeral and leave farewell executors. Not everyone wants to have their remains were buried in the crypt, the ground or the wall of the columbarium.

 Some require that their ashes scattered in the wind, while others require that the ashes were sent into space no problems, would be the money. And those who can not imagine their life without the sea, and after the death of choosing Memorial Neptune  the world’s only underwater graveyard.Concrete Atlantis Diver Gary Levin, chosen plot bottom five kilometers from Key Biscayne, Miami suburb, was not going to build here columbarium. The idea was quite different. Florida coast – a paradise for scuba diving, and Levin would attract tourists, giving them the opportunity to admire the “ruins of Atlantis.” No, of course not present. Continue reading “The underwater city of the dead”

Underwater city in Japan

Hiden CityIn 1987, divers found off the coast of Japan, a huge underwater city called Yonaguni. The city is a chaotic mix of pyramidal structure, stairs, walls, columns and even an audience at a depth of 25 meters under water.

Experts found that the age of the city – about 12 thousand years. In this place were sent numerous expedition, and a huge media interest focused on the discovery, because in case of corroboration of artificial origin city it could rewrite the history of human civilization. Continue reading “Underwater city in Japan”

The underwater civilization

civilizationThe mysterious underwater inhabitant’s skeptics are unlikely to show strong evidence of the existence of the seas and oceans of the unknown civilization – you never know who dreamed that … But there is a much more serious fact from which it is difficult to dismiss. They relate to meetings with the mysterious underwater vehicles of unknown origin.

In 1902, in the Gulf of Guinea, close to West Africa, the British ship “Fort Salisbury” to meet a mysterious object of enormous proportions. First noticed the watch out of the water two red lights, and picking up a pair of binoculars, a clear distinction large dark object up to 180 m in length, the ends of which were lit.

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Mermaids life in water

fishmanThe origin of life on Earth was in the water, and in the process of evolutionary development of water being constantly improved. Modern science has completely agree with the fact that man’s ancestors lived in the water element. However, so far there is no consensus about whether there was (and maybe still is) a highly developed civilization ichthyologist people.

, siren, undone, Vila, sous-kz, merrow – all names for the same unusual aquatics in the languages ​​of different people. For information about meetings with mermaids found in the ancient epic, and a description of the external characteristics of these creatures in the legends of the world remarkably similar. Continue reading “Mermaids life in water”

In the United States are developing underwater apparatus in the form of tuna

The Ministry of national security of the United States to finance the development of the underwater wilderness apparatus which resembles a fish. The model was called the BIOSwimmer.

The device is shaped like a tuna, has good maneuverability and can explore even the most hard-to-reach places, for example, holds of sunken ships. In addition, BIOSwimmer is able to patrol the ports and other secret missions. To perform maneuvers to help tail and fins. Developments of apparatus are in Boston Engineering Corporation of Massachusetts. Continue reading “In the United States are developing underwater apparatus in the form of tuna”