Where hope dies?

Where hope dies, there arises a void. Leonardo da Vinci On the back of famous paintings famous Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci on display in the Louvre, have been identified previously unknown sketches. The museum was informed that appeared billionaire who wanted to buy one now. After this date, the Louvre methodically and carefully removed… Read more Where hope dies?

Why the ancient Egyptians did did not suffer from cancer?

The authors of the sensational findings – Michael Zimmerman (Michael Zimmerman), professor at the University of Manchester (Manchester University) and his colleague David Rosalie (Rosalie David). The scientists studied hundreds of mummies in unsuccessful attempts to find traces of cancer. From then concluded: cancer – a modern disease that is triggered by environmental pollution and… Read more Why the ancient Egyptians did did not suffer from cancer?

Bermuda Triangle – 2 mystery solved

Journalists uncovered two mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle. The investigation, conducted with the participation of channel BBC, allowed to explain the reasons for the disappearance of two passenger planes in 1948 and 1949 – are technical problems and fuel shortages. The Bermuda Triangle has a sinister reputation as the area where planes and ships disappear… Read more Bermuda Triangle – 2 mystery solved

Other Columbus?

How old is the existing literature on the journey of Columbus, as many live, die down and again there are versions that he was not a discoverer of America, knew in advance where and how to swim. But if the discoverer of the New World was not Columbus, who? October 12, 1492 sailor with “Santa… Read more Other Columbus?