Beijing goes underground

BeijingThe terrible environmental problem of Beijing lies underground: sinking metropolis. Excessive pumping of groundwater causes the ground beneath the city to collapse, according to a new study. Scientists have studied satellite images, which show that Beijing, and in particular the central business district of the capital, sags every year by 11 cm.

The study warns that subsidence is a threat to the security of the city with a population of over 20 million people, and it can also disrupt the movement of trains. Continue reading “Beijing goes underground”

One of the largest underground cities found in Turkey

undergroundIn the region of Cappadocia, archaeologists have found perhaps the largest underground city in Turkeyin dangerous times in his tunnels could hide thousands of people.

Inside were equipped with air shafts, canals, churches and even wineries. According to preliminary estimates, the city can be a third more than Derinkuyu the largest of the excavated earlier in Cappadocia underground facilities. Residents of the ancient Cappadocia know where to hide from the invaders, in one of the 250 underground shelters cut from supple volcanic rock, writes National Geographic. There during the design space for residential development and has been found, probably one of the largest underground cities in the central area of Turkey. Continue reading “One of the largest underground cities found in Turkey”

Riddles underground Crimea

underground CrimeaCrimea- peninsula of mysteries and secrets. Today we go on a journey into the very core of Crimean mysticism – in local caves, which are famous worldwide for its stories and legends. In their depths with strange plants roam giant rats and cockroaches transparent. From time to time among the stalactites and stalagmites appear ghostly dark figures…

The largest and most majestic mountain Crimea -Tent Mountain. It has up to 200 unique caves. This is the true underground palaces; most majestic – Marble. According to legend, a shepherd found it in 1987 while searching for the lost sheep. Continue reading “Riddles underground Crimea”

Mysterious underground cities in Cappadocia Hobbits

HistoryRecently appear in the world press articles on the multilevel underground cities found in Turkish Cappadocia, where once lived the unusual inhabitants. in the region of 5,000 years ago under the ground and get it developed a mysterious race of so-called dwarf It is assumed that the growth of the underground cities of  ranged from 1.3 to 1.5 meters.

Each city had 15 to 50 thousand people – at the time it is VERY much: even in a major city like Paris, in the XIV century, there be only 100,000 populace. Continue reading “Mysterious underground cities in Cappadocia Hobbits”

Crimea go underground

Under groundGeologists are sounding the alarm, warning that the Crimea is slowly but surely “go” underground. Prone to seismic activity, the peninsula this year experienced a small earthquake, but is increasingly becoming a landslide.

The fact that Crimea is located at the peak of the collapses, told experts of the Institute of Telecommunications and Global Information Space of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. According to forecasts, this peak would occur in 2010-2012. Three times more cases of convergence of the earth for the past 20 years recorded on the southern coast of Crimea, Alushta, Yalta, and to the west.
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The existence of a mysterious underground world

Hiden worldThe existence of some underground world there a long time and they appeared in the mid 20th century by an amateur researcher. Mysterious underground cities and many kilometers of tunnels, have clearly artificial origin are found throughout the world – from the Altai to Turkey and South America. Mystery UFO has been associated with the underworld, as very often the UFO witnesses watched their emergence from the ground or from water depths.
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The ancient underground tunnels

Mysterious TunnelThe ancient tunnels are located throughout the world, including on the ocean floor. These tunnels as if burned in the solid earth. The walls of the tunnel is a solidified melt rock, very similar to the glass.

Contemporary specialist is still unknown so tunneling technology. The age of the oldest tunnels about a million years, they were found in 1965 by Juan Maurice ethnologist from Argentina.
His expedition explored the province of Morona Santiago, Ecuador and caused a map of tunnels, which are located at a depth of 230 meters.
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Underground secret mountain Tavros

secret mountainMore mountains are hidden in its depths some secrets. However, they all do not go to any comparison with the fact that in a few years people have built in a rocky mountain thicker Tavros that stands above the picturesque bay of Balaklava Crimea.

The name of this object may seem longish, but it exhaustively transmits its essence: “It is a secret anti-nuclear structure of the first category (ie, withstand a direct hit by a 100-kiloton nuclear bomb. – Comm.’s) Designed to cover small and medium submarines their dock repair and restoration, as well as their personnel.
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Discovered underground sea

underground seaGeologists have exposed a enormous underwater lake in Namibia, which could have a major impact on the development of one of the majority arid regions of Africa.

It is estimated that the pond can provide water to the north of the country for 400 years.

Currently, agriculture in the region is limited to areas adjacent to rivers, but the researchers believe that the new source can change the region’s agriculture.
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Moscow will fall into an underground sea

underground seaThe global financial crisis and even World War III. Russian authorities are aware of this danger, but they hide it from the residents of Moscow. Many people know about the so-called “Moscow underground sea.”

Its existence was made by Academician Gubkin, who exploration to detect oil directly under Moscow and its suburbs. Instead of oil, Academician Gubkin found a huge water tank, suggesting that this part of the sea, which once covered the Central Plain.
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