Found new ancient city in under water

 ancient cityThe eyes of the divers opened caves, rooms with tables and fossils resembling human organs. Secrets that keep the Black Sea, historians and scientists do not cease to be surprised, even after decades since the beginning of his studies. A couple of years ago, I recall, after a powerful storm on one of the beaches of Gelendzhik people found thrown surf stone bas mermaid.

According to experts, it is not less than 2, 5 thousand years. But recently, researchers have taken aback the public yet another sensation at sea, some three to four kilometers from the Black Sea resort of ancient city discovered a whole! The area occupied by submerged structures, is now specified. But even a small part of the surveyed buildings, the scientists came to the conclusion the nature of such a setup could not. Continue reading “Found new ancient city in under water”

The ancient city came out of the water

ancient cityInteresting facts Heracleion city went under water 1500 years ago. On this great city mentioned by Herodotus, a Greek writer, historian, in the 5th century BC. He told the tale of the beautiful Helen of Troy.

When the French maritime archaeologist Franck Goddio came across some relics and artifacts, it has become one of the greatest discoveries of the 21st century. The opening took place when Goddio was in search of Napoleon’s warships, but to my surprise, he stumbled upon this great discovery. His discoveries include the magnificent statue of the Egyptian goddess Isis, 16-foot God Hapi, and an unidentified Egyptian pharaoh. Continue reading “The ancient city came out of the water”

The alien city under Japanese Sea

The coast of Japanese a mysterious ancient city in deep water. The city, which is described as enigmatic, has a pyramid in which some of the stone monoliths are engraved with some sort of strange symbols. Some research suggests that a race of giant aliens built the city long before the existence of humans. The pyramid is very small which makes it one of those smaller pyramids was created 100,000 years before the creation of the pyramids of Egypt.

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Legends of the inhabitants of the sea

Under waterA  multi-colored creature: the head, hands and feet – purple and the skin, Draped like a cloak – gray and phosphorescent – described the underwater inhabitant in a science fiction story, “In the depths” noted Wells. If the writer in this small work just gave free rein to his imagination, the Japanese fishermen are quite sure that in the coastal waters of Japan live humanoid amphibians. Call them kappa, and on the back of their shell, like a turtle.

 Not only in Japan, can talk about the mysterious underwater inhabitants, the mention of them be found in the myths of many peoples of the world. On clay tablets of ancient Sumer, for example, are mentioned race poluryba half people that live in the waters of the Persian Gulf. Continue reading “Legends of the inhabitants of the sea”

After 300 years of New York will go under water

USAScientists studying climate change have come to disappointing conclusions regarding the fate of the U.S. east coast.In the next century, sea levels will steadily rise, according to a study by an international panel of climate scientists.

Scientists describe the apocalyptic picture-a 2300 sea levels will rise by 4 pm But, according to the most realistic estimates, sea levels will rise above $ 2.7 m, however, and this will lead to dramatic consequences for coastal areas, says one researcher, Stefan Ramshackle of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.
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