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Scientists have uncovered the mystery mummy “alien”

mummy alienChile 10 years ago and his appearance inspires many UFO researchers hope to prove that aliens exist, in fact, was a man. To such conclusion the American scientists, the analysis of DNA.

Mummyalien” found in October 2003, Chilean Oscar Munoz, who wandered in search of artifacts in the ghost town of La Noria in the Atacama Desert.  Not far from the ruined church he found a bundle of white cloth.  In the matter was wrapped humanoid creature measuring just 15 inches from the feet to the tops.  He had a solid teeth, bulging head, and unlike a normal person, just nine pairs of ribs, wrote Diario UNO .  Being immediately was named “Humanoid Atacama.”

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Trieste in Italy-World uncovered place

TriesteThis was initially where James Joyce lives, and the place was the first motivation for the Ulysses before he moved to Dublin. Trieste is quite a melting pot of cultures, old European cafes, and seascapes. Its located very close to Slovenia already, and still has the old Europe vibe. Its definitely a place worth visiting if you want to taste as much central European food and experience the charm of Hapsburg.

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