UFOs as part of a global system of control over humanity

UFOs Recent decades have not only the time of the sexual revolution, the environmental crisis, and many other disasters of the century, but time and another mysterious and frightening phenomenon. We are talking about unidentified flying objects. How do people explain the UFO phenomenon? Why these explanations dominated cosmic version? Here, it seems, played a big part science fiction.

Overt or disguised under the influence of the occult and Eastern religions, it has become a powerful means of planting non-Christian worldview. At a critical time for humanity fiction offers hope for visitors from outer space, which will solve all the problems of the earth and lead humanity to a new historical era. Continue reading “UFOs as part of a global system of control over humanity”

Southwest England witnessed UFO sightings

UFOs witnessUFO light gray oval and accidentally fell into the frame of the professional photographer who took pictures of the countryside.

Heading to Torrington on Thursday night, I saw a strange bright light in the sky, and the car was lit up blue ray. Continue reading “Southwest England witnessed UFO sightings”

Clouds kidnap -Myth or truth?

 kidnap CloudsThe heavens increasingly appear strange clouds with unusual shapes. According to eyewitnesses, sometimes they have a reasonable behavior and even aggression towards people …

Scientists argue that this is just a freak of nature, and include such phenomena  UFOs. But while no one gives to this question is the exact answer … Continue reading “Clouds kidnap -Myth or truth?”

In the Baltic Sea found a UFO …

found a UFOIn the Baltic Sea, at a depth of about 90 m, Swedish treasure hunters divers from Ocean Team X found a strange unidentified object …

Scientists suggest that the remains of the crashed UFO in ancient times. To take pictures and explore the mysterious discovery, the divers made several dives. Continue reading “In the Baltic Sea found a UFO …”

Who will give us signals from space?

UFOsThe region Ozma star Tau China adopted a clear coded pulses. In the press over the past decade, a huge mass of published material about the signals from space flights and accidents UFOs, mysterious crop pictures that resemble the coded messages of a different mind. first officially recorded case of getting mysterious signals from outer space dates back to 1889. It happened in the Colorado lab of Nikola Tesla. Repeated experience has given no result. In 1921, the strange signals received Guglielmo Marconi. And again it was a coincidence. After seven years of scientific press reported about the mysterious echoes of any facility located outside of the Earth’s ionosphere. 1959 – NASA’s recorded signals of unknown satellite of our planet, but soon reported that this is a mistake.

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Two UFOs photographed in the coastal town of Kingswear

flying saucersTwo UFOs with the classical form of flying saucers were accidentally dropped the camera while filming a beach resort vacationer. Former aviation engineer told me that took this picture on Wednesday. Objects hit by one frame, and next comes just 9 seconds they’re gone. Haydn Morgan said:

I was on the ferry and just shooting all around on my camera. I looked at the clouds, and they seemed a bit strange, so I did a couple of shots of the sky. When I got home and looked at the photo on your computer in one Photos can be seen quite clearly two UFOs. Continue reading “Two UFOs photographed in the coastal town of Kingswear”

War UFOs in Earth’s orbit

UFOsThe pilots a UFO landing, often repair their machines, making the impression that the technique of saucers are very unreliable. But you can imagine something else: in the near-Earth space is a war between the races, and as a result – downed flying machines, their breakdowns and repairs.

Battle of the Gods
The historical evidence, as well as the myths and legends of many peoples of the world say that the battle between the warring factions aliens were held in ancient times. The most vivid description of them gives us the ancient Indian epic Mahabharata.  Continue reading “War UFOs in Earth’s orbit”

The truth about UFOs captured by security forces

UFOsThe Crimean social media portal has received a letter from the famous Crimean ufologist Anton Anfalova.  It turns investigator members of the organization “Kosmopoisk”, and in particular to its coordinator Vadim black-browed, with the requirement to reveal to the world the truth about the captured alien spacecraft in the Soviet Union, the Russian Federation and the United States of America.  Next, we apply the original text of the letter.

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Classification of contacts with UFOs

UFOUFO sighting from close range, after which there remains no physical evidence of the fact of contact.

In other words, the person or group of people just saw an object (or, for example, shapeless education- a spot of light, translucent education), moving or hanging motionless in the sky. In this case, the nature of the origin of the object was not obvious.
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Solar corona are teeming with UFOs

UFOsWatching the sun probe “Soho” and “Stereo” and posted on the official website of NASA experts began to find strange, obviously artificial objects …

Trying to hide secrets
Unusual formations that are too correct forms, first found in the photographs of prominences, now found on almost the entire surface of the sun.

NASA is no comment. Experts who do not believe in the existence of UFOs, explain the “inconsistencies” in the photographs defects shooting different angles of illumination, noise and other natural causes.
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