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On the ridge Medveditskaya found stone UFO

UFO stoneIn summer, a popular place for all seekers of the unknown – on the ridge Medveditsa come dozens of researchers, but not every year manage to find traces of a UFO or witness anomalies. However, the latest find raises involuntary ufologists question aliens are trying to get in touch with people? Organization Kosmopoisk studying the traces of UFOs, has held the 52nd expedition to Mecca unknown Volgograd region.

We found a significant size stone disc, located on the ridge of the plummet in Medveditskaya says hometown Vadim Chernobrov, head of the organization for the study of anomalous phenomena and UFOs. – It corresponds to the external features of the other disks that are in for decades around the world, for example. China, Romania, on the Taimyr Peninsula. However, these objects have properties disappear … So to reach very few people. In January, we were lucky. During the next expedition this disc was found in the Kemerovo region. Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by on August 24, 2015 in UFO