NASA scientists for the first time commented a UFO on Mars

Representatives of NASA’s first comment on the photo and the UFO from Mars. Thus, they decided to discredit people’s opinions about what they hide sensitive data. The reason for such applications is the constant refusal of the public to comment on the various phenomena of NASA, the pictures that appear on their official website. However,… Read more NASA scientists for the first time commented a UFO on Mars

Technologies UFO save earthlings from the end of the world

People can be saved, only to move to another planet. He believes that the UFO-like devices are the perfect salvation for mankind. Is necessary for the salvation of mankind colonizing planets located outside our solar system? Because humanity as a civilization can survive only if people will live in two or more planets. However to… Read more Technologies UFO save earthlings from the end of the world

UFO Destroyer

The mysterious object over Ireland was so striking thing about it is even reported the U.S. newspaper Atlanta Constitution. An unusual phenomenon that was observed several people in the county of Donegal in the north of Ireland, all very worried.  Fishermen saw a giant object like a blimp, taking off directly from the ocean.  He… Read more UFO Destroyer

UFO in California

In California in the photo accidentally captured a UFO. That’s what the witness says: My friends and I were on an excursion to the popular route in Auburn,California, we decided to stop and rest for about a mile down the trail where there is a rock that protrudes from the mountainside and is ideal for… Read more UFO in California

UFO objective reality

One of the former employees of the Department Ph.D. VP Kovalkov kept a copy of the report on UFOs and handed it to me.  After reading the report, I have concluded that it is almost a textbook on ufology, the author of which you can quite be called acheslav Pavlovich Kovalkova.  I must say that… Read more UFO objective reality

UFO seen over Podgorica

On Friday evening, the capital of Montenegro about 21 hours in the sky was seen an unusual object, glowing bright orange, the Evening News reported. Unidentified object, which for two minutes repeatedly changed shape and size, direction and speed, emitting at a bright light , experts in the field of astronomy and meteorology have not given an… Read more UFO seen over Podgorica