The revolt of U.S.troops after the Second World War

U.S.troops There are historical facts that remain unknown to the general public. One of these was the rebellion of the U.S.troops just after the Second World War. One of the few exceptions  described these events, as far as I know, was the book of F. Gaja, The Short Century, Maquis Publisher.

¬†(1)Just finished the conflict, revolution suffocated in the Imperialist Metropolis thanks to the agreements of Yalta returned to press on the outskirts of the historical policy of the peoples of colonial and semi-colonial dominated and controlled by imperialism. Even in the absence of the subjective conditions of the joint between metropolis and periphery the rebellion of the colonial and semi-colonial peoples, it was still part of the class struggle between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat internationally. Continue reading “The revolt of U.S.troops after the Second World War”