The diplomatic row between the U.S. and India

 diplomatic row between the U.S. and IndiaA new round of diplomatic row between the U.S. and India. Delhi to expel the U.S. ambassador – in response to the arrest in New York, the Indian vice-consul. U.S. authorities accuse Deviyani Hobragade fraud and want to ensure that its business engaged in court. In India itself, however, such a scenario is unlikely to allow. At home greeted as a hero, but was expelled from the United States to shame.

U.S. authorities deported the vice-consul of India Deviyani Hobragade. She was accused of providing false information about his salary maids. Simply put the diplomat maid less than implied employment contract. Continue reading “The diplomatic row between the U.S. and India”

China and Russia are preparing for war with the U.S

Russia and china warChina and  Russia  are preparing for war with the U.S. According to a new report by the Defense Ministry , the recent interception of Turkish bombers Russian reconnaissance aircraft over the Black Sea – is a direct response to the sudden withdrawal of U.S. Russian cooperation with NATO on missile defense, writes portal Before it’s news. Cancel Putin presidential decree in 2011 on the establishment of an intergovernmental panel in this field is considered in the report as a significant step in the consolidation of peace , the author notes . Continue reading “China and Russia are preparing for war with the U.S”

U.S. citizens denied access to cheap drugs

drugsMany Americans who order drugs abroad, where they are ten times cheaper, began to receive notice of prohibiting service by the Food and Drug Administration. Tablets, prescribing clinicians and began detaining at airports in accordance with the article about drug trafficking. Because of this, most patients do not have access to life-saving drugs. According to The New York Times, a year’s supply of medicines, which in the U.S. would cost more than $ 1 million, in neighboring Canada costs about $ 100.

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Paul Craig Roberts-U.S.moving to a terrible catastrophe

Paul CraigThe news maker of the week was the Fed that shocked financial markets with the announcement that there would be phased out. What do you think? For the Fed situation is as follows. All markets, as well as the big banks and their ability to pay are entirely dependent on the Fed’s purchase of bonds. If they will not buy bonds, rates rise, the value of debt instruments will fall, banks will go bankrupt again, the bond market and stock collapse. So they can not turn easing, because the whole system is tied to it. Another aspect of the trap into which they fell, is that the longer they will keep easing, the faster the time will come when the rest of the world will just lose all confidence in the dollar. Continue reading “Paul Craig Roberts-U.S.moving to a terrible catastrophe”

The terrorist attack in the U.S. will go to Boston on the way “crackdown” in security

US terrorist attackThe terrorist attack in Boston – the biggest “flaw” of U.S. intelligence in recent years, is now to be expected “crackdown” in security in the States. This opinion was expressed today in an interview with Itar-Tass the former head of the Federal Security Service, a member of the Duma security committee Nikolai Kovalev.

Parliamentarian described the incident as “the largest thrust of U.S. intelligence since Sept. 11, when they made the attack on the Twin Towers.” Continue reading “The terrorist attack in the U.S. will go to Boston on the way “crackdown” in security”

North Korea preparing to war against the U.S. and allies

wage warNorth Korea threatens break the truce, continuing on the Korean peninsula since 1953. Pyongyang intends to start a war, if it is approved, and a new round of sanctions if the U.S. and South Korea will not stop joint military exercises.

The announcement came after the U.S. and China has agreed on a draft UN Security Council resolution, the meeting to be held this week. The resolution will be the answer to the UN nuclear test that North Korea conducted on February 12. Continue reading “North Korea preparing to war against the U.S. and allies”

The U.S. military announced orbital data “Yamal-402” and “Breeze-M”

Baikonur on Sunday night, are in elliptical orbits with an apogee (farthest point from the Earth’s orbit) of 18 to 35 thousand kilometers and a perigee (closest point to the Earth’s orbit) from 500 to 3 thousand miles.

Carrier rocket “Proton-M” with the upper stage “Briz-M” and the communications satellite “Yamal-402” was launched on Saturday night from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Rocket worked normally, but the satellite separated from the upper stage for 4 minutes ahead of schedule and was an unplanned orbit.
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Hybrids in the U.S.

AlienThe mid-1960s UFO logist John Keel went on student dormitories on the north-eastern United States, some girls told him that they were raped by aliens, and young men confessed that aliens are taking their sperm.

Since the early 1970s, information on births “space” hybrids began to spread, according to Keel, broadly. There were many reports of women that they had been abducted by aliens, fertilize them naturally or artificially, and after a while removed from the uterus of the embryo, and later showed them their hybrid babies grown in special incubators on board a UFO.
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