Peninsula treasures

Peninsula, treasuresIn 2006, a team of underwater archaeologists discovers a strange uneven bottom not far from the shores of Balaklava. Test dive brings a sensational find: at a depth of 82 meters lies the wreck.

The seabed off the coast of Sevastopol – currently cemetery warships. The Crimean War and then World War II left underwater archaeologists many worthwhile trophies. But here – a special case: the ship that divers discovered lay in the bottom ten, maybe 20 centuries! Continue reading “Peninsula treasures”

Fifteen Treasures of the two Egyptian Atlantis

TreasuresBritish archaeologists have presented the first results of underwater excavations in the Hellenistic cities of Canopus and Tunis, Heraklion, lowered into the water in the dark ages until the Middle Ages by unknown reasons.
In the Nile Delta around the 5th century BC, there were two major port cities Canopus and Tunis Heraklion-based Greek and Macedonian colonists during the reign of the26th dynasty. These cities have successfully gone through the occupation of Egypt by the Persians, its conquest by Alexander the Great and the transition under the dominion of Rome during the reign of Cleopatra.
About something strange happened in 750-800 years BC – both cities have mysteriously disappeared, lost in the literal sense of the water, and their inhabitants left the two thousand-year policy. The place where the city was built, remained a mystery until the beginning of the millennium, when the British and French archaeologists from the Institute of Underwater Archaeology in Paris started a large-scale excavation in the Nile Delta, in a place called the harbor of Abu Kir. Continue reading “Fifteen Treasures of the two Egyptian Atlantis”

Treasures of the Ancient World

 Ancient WorldPeople never left the desire to find ancient treasures. While many have devoted their entire lives searching for gold, but did not find him, others came upon ancient treasures by accident. Many of these stories have a happy ending, and the priceless gold treasures are now in museums, while others say that the people profane and rob graves, engaged in trade of antiquities black market. Here we look at the ten most spectacular golden treasures of the ancient world.

Treasure on the sea bed. Florida, United States

The fleet of twenty ships left the port of Havana in Cuba on his way to Spain, September 4, 1622. These ships carried the wealth of the empire, the soldiers were on board, passengers and slaves. The next day when the court entered the Straits of Florida, the hurricane began. Eight ships were sunk. Continue reading “Treasures of the Ancient World”

World ten most incredible treasures

incredible treasuresSome great treasure once, but the truth (and I feel no trust in you) will be very complicated, because although there are certainly many of them without being discovered, the vast majority Sometimes it takes a lot of ways to get to do it, but do not lose hope, if not always the case. These are the most amazing treasures there for the world, both those that have been discovered, as they have not been:-

10. Yamashita treasure. It’s probably one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of World War II. Apparently, huge quantities of gold and other valuables are hidden on some island of the Philippine archipelago waiting to be found by a treasure hunter.
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Discovered one of the largest in the history of European treasures

history treasuresJersey the British island of two amateur archaeologists discovered one of the largest in the history of European treasures. The total weight of the lessons from its hiding place tens of thousands of gold and silver coins up to 3/4 ton.

According to experts, the discovery of more than 2000 years. The discovered coins, dating from about the 50th year of BC, were in circulation in the Celtic tribe koriozolitov who inhabited the north of modern Brittany.
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