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In search of the truth – Transition 2012

Transition and Ascension – and this is a very long process, how is it started in 1986 and will last as long as necessary, while there is any hope of “enlightenment” and even one person! However, there are indeed ” wave “, when the transition takes massive as the” Portals “-

where a transition, not only in the reality of the 4th “density”, but directly, for the “elite”, the 5th “density.” But these “waves” will be some-December 21, only one of them.
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Changing the DNA in connection with the transition

Changing, DNAHuman being genetic material DNA mutation under the influence of solar activity. Because so many are scared, trying to find doctors who can not recognize in his physical body the process of change at a deep level. A treatment is not working, government medical supply does not work, it does not meet all the challenges, which offers a person the sun.
These symptoms appear and disappear suddenly appear for no reason, go away. These are good signs the body is sending you news about what is freed from the old biology, and the old thinking. keep up with it.
Symptoms arising from mutations in DNA and changes in the body at the cellular level. Read the rest of this entry »

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