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Archaeologists have found traces of the ancient spear attack

ancient spear South African archaeologists have learned to recognize the impact marks on the copies of the animal bones and found that it was thrown weapons known to man, no later than 90,000 years ago.

In order to establish that the traces of missile weapons, the researchers turned to modeling.  Scientists have reconstructed stone darts and spears, and then run them in the corpses of cows and sheep.  Or animal body buried in soil, or digested, followed by bone were examined under a microscope.  As a control, in addition to throwing the researchers used as a cutting and thrusting weapon – stone knives and axes.

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Geologists have found traces of the vanished continent

continentScientists maintain that this micro continent called Mavrica consisted of modern India, Madagascar and other islands, and destroyed 83 million years ago. Geologists have found in the sands of the island of Mauritius traces of ancient volcanic rocks that formed about 1.9 billion years ago, scientists believe existed in the form of a small, long-lost continent of the place of the modern Indian Ocean.

A group of geologists led by Trond Torsvik of the University of Oslo in Mauritius found traces not only today, but also the ancient geological processes, examining the isotopic composition of the grains of the mineral zircon in the sands of the island. Read the rest of this entry »

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