10 World’s most beautiful castles

Beautiful castles were built as a fort or dwelling of the noble or monarch of the day, but do not know that the first castles were built of wood?. From there, did much, besides serving as housing, as a site to monitor the perimeter around him from any of its towers. These are the most beautiful castles there around the world-

10. Mount Saint-Michel. The spectacular castlearchitecture of Mont Saint-Michel are the busiest tourist site in Normandy and one of the first in France, with 3,200,000 visitors each year. A statue of St. Michael placed at the top of the abbey church stands 170 meters above the shore.
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The ancient ship was found in New York

ancient, shipThe ancient ship was found by construction workers during work on site the twin towers of World Trade Center (WTC) in New York, where Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attack occurred. The body of the ancient wooden boat was in the soil at a depth of 9 meters. In place of this unusual finds immediately arrived archaeologists and historians.

According to preliminary data of experts, this ship was built and plied the ocean expanse in the middle of the XVIII century, and after his service he was buried in the ground.
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