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Titanic could destroy the wormhole time

TitanicThe U.S. Senate the death of a thousand people on the liner “Titanic”. They include a number of documents stamped “Top Secret”, including – “Safety Rules of ships”, approved by the Ministry of shipping shortly after the completion of the investigation. What information received, investigators of the usual collision with the iceberg when it had to immediately scramble.

Already, a new documentary film “Titanic. Report from the world “, which tells about some of the unexplained phenomena surrounding the” Titanic “before and after the tragedy.

For example, on the night of the disaster, some passengers, one of those who managed to get a place in the boat and sail away from the sinking ship, described a very strange phenomenon.
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A century since the death of Titanic

death,TitanicHundred years ago 1912 14th April- “Titanic” struck an iceberg and sank in the Atlantic Ocean. Then, killing more than 1500 people. On Friday, this sad anniversary celebrated in the International Maritime Organization. This disaster prompted naval powers to adopt a series of important decisions to ensure the safety of navigation. Was subsequently established the International Maritime Organization, after the tragedy there was need for the development and implementation of universal standards in the field of navigation,” – said the head of the organization Koji Sekimitsu.
He added that even today, when the ships were perfect, and shipping – a safer place, the International Maritime Organization to tackle new challenges and respond to new challenges.
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Secrets and mysteries of the Titanic

Titanic99 years passed since then, as there was the largest catastrophe of 20 th century. Much of this tragedy remains a mystery. On the sinking of the Titanic “has been written many books and a film, even more was generated by the legends. The tragedy has shocked world public opinion; the massive loss of life shocked the whole world.
Almost all the time after the sinking of the Titanic, there are various legends associated with this event. They say that was discovered by the captain’s log Norwegian vessel, which refuted the death of the Titanic. Later historians found that the ship-owner Morgan, the famous financier and millionaire who refused to sail on the ship just before departure. Also put forward a version that “Titanic” – a ship “Olympia”, built on a similar project. Maybe there was no “Titanic”? Interest in the tragedy is kept re-make films and written books. But in reality there is no way to verify either of these legends, as it happened a long time.
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Disclosed the secret of the sinking of the “Titanic”

Charles Laytoller – grandfather of British writer Lady Patten – was the only senior member of the crew of the Titanic who survived the disaster. Based on his stories, Patten has put forward a new version of the death of a transatlantic liner, which is not excluded, will be recognized as official.
According to the writer, the Titanic sank, not because swam very fast, because of what just had no time to avoid a collision with an iceberg. Time to escape from an ice block was enough, but panicked and turned the steering wheel in the wrong direction. The ship was holed, because of which he was in effect and sank. Read the rest of this entry »

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Things You Thought You Knew About The Titanic…

Titanic, sailed Obviously, all these 47 minutes left on the assessment of the situation: since “Titanic” was the subject of international attention, send a distress signal in the very first voyage, without making sure there is sufficient basis for that, no one wanted. It is likely that valuable time has been spent to inspect the damage and considering alternatives to evacuation. Only after it became clear that to cover up this incident did not succeed, the captain ordered a distress signal and send passengers to the lifeboats.

The author recently published the book “101 Things You Thought You Knew About The Titanic … But Didn’t, after the fatal collision with an iceberg took 47 minutes before the ship’s crew sent a distress signal. What caused the captain to delay, possibly stoivshemu 1517 lives?
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